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James Dodd
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Bio: Hey I'm James from Indianapolis. I am Food and Real Estate content creator. I am Ceo of Dodd Real Estate 3429.
Henry Matthews
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Bio: Hello, my name is Henry. I am I real estate investor in Detroit MI. I’m looking to learn more about business credit, to help expand my portfolio.
Dean McWilliams
Cincinnati, OH
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Bio: Sales Consultant. Real Estate Investor. Heavy Interest In Credit, Contracts And Consumer Affairs.
Queens Tran
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Bio: A young girl trying to build her credit, travel the world, & open up my own Healthcare agency! Let’s get to work 💪🏼
Terrance Smith
Spartanburg, South Carolina
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Bio: My name is Terrance Smith. I'm from Spartanburg, South Carolina.
Denise M
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Titania Huff
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Bio: Hi Rad Framily! I’m Titania (like Titanium). Biz Startup and Dividend Investing is my jam! Let’s connect, collab & collect these #Wins together💪🏽
Ron Gainer
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Bio: I'm a real estate entrepreneur who specializes in wholesaling and creative financing deals.
Steve Pedersen
Somewhere in Idaho.
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Bio: Jokester, but not to old to learn. Credit topics were foreign to me for some time. I'm getting more fluent in the lingo and I'm not afraid to share.
Ivan Adu-Poku
Youngstown , Ohio
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Bio: I’m a health and wellness entrepreneur looking to create impact in my community, looking to learn how to leverage credit to create opportunities
Eli Perkins III
Brooklyn Park, MN
• Active 11h ago
Bio: Hey! I’m a serial entrepreneur also known as Bonta83. That’s my screen name as I’m a YouTuber and social media addict. Check me out!
Nick Southworth
Temecula, CA • ESTP
• Active 105d ago
Bio: Health & Wellness, Crypto, Tech, Cable Cutter, Sports, Travel and just all around fun things is what I'm doing and into...
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