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I want to improve my networking starting with this community!
Hello all, I am based in beautiful Argentina, famous for Messi and horrible inflation figures. This is my second video that I am sharing. I am a business advisor and aim to offer as sales proposition my experience working for more than twenty years at the capital markets industry interacting with companies and investors and now carrying a new hat as an ontological coach that is where my passion is running in full motion. Criticise my video but do not remain silent! I am happy to book a meeting and chat just to know each other a little bit more. You can access my agenda at My latest video where I talk about ways to improve your networking:
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Thanks Steve! Hello all, I am interested to listen about your whereabouts at this community. Warm regards
Some secrets to empower your networking at your company
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Hello All, I am Ricardo and doing my Results Mastery along with Steve and an awesome group of people. I am based in Argentina and want to share my latest newsletter. Warm regards
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Steve, thanks for your feedback! Yes its growing step by step and day by day. Warm regards
Yes, you can build your leadership with some secrets
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Hello All, I also want to publish my latest video. I am eager to offer business advisory services worldwide. I help people an people in areas such as leadership, team building, strategic thinking. I can offer more than twenty years of experience working at the capital marktes industry together with soft skills gathered by certifying as an ontological coach. Comments will be appreciated! I am open to have a chat withyanybody interested.
New Year, New Challenges
Many people start the new year with either one or more resolutions, on average these decisions to change will last less than 21 days. Why is it so hard to strict with our resolutions, why do so many fail? Here's a quick dive into why it happens: 1, Unrealistic Expectations: Setting overly ambitious goals can set us up for disappointment. Start small, celebrate victories, and build momentum gradually. 2, Lack of Planning: Failing to create a concrete plan makes it easy to lose focus. Break down your resolution into manageable steps and schedule them into your routine. 3, No Accountability: Sharing your goals with friends or joining a supportive community adds a layer of accountability. Having others to cheer you on makes the journey more enjoyable. 4, Impatience: Change takes time! Don't get discouraged if you don't see immediate results. Stay committed and be patient with the process. 5, All-or-Nothing Mindset: Slip-ups are normal! Instead of giving up after a setback, learn from it and keep moving forward. Progress, not perfection! Let's embrace the journey and make 2024 a year of growth and positive change. And if your new years resolution is to grow your business but need help with this I run a 90 day business growth programme, which helps turn your resolutions or dreams into reality, in part by addressing the above issues. Want to know more then contact me @ P.S. I'll gladly send you a copy of my simple 90 day action plan e-book for FREE, just contact me @ #NewYearResolutions #GoalSetting #PositiveChange
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Hello Stewart, great article and helpful. I will be following your advise. Regards
Hello All, I want to share mi LinkedIn video "Open new gates and let go your excuses". Warm regards
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Feel free to share with your LinkedIn contacts! Many thanks.
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Ricardo I. Cavanagh
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From Argentina, 55 years old, +20 years experience in capital markets, graduate in economics, ontological business coach, like to work in network.

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