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Alena Uzhnyeva
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Bio: 18yrs in business.Top Estonian Econ Contributor.Advocating mind-heart-spirit alignment.Creator of I Am Creation retreats.Inspiring global entrepreneur
Mary Schroeder
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Bio: Client experience designer
Karin Dijkshoorn
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Bio: Wild Dutch woman, living in Spain!
Diane Hudock-Pleeter
los ángeles
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Bio: Doctor of spiritual science, spiritual psychologist, & expert biofield healer. My mission is to awaken people to their Divine magnificence.
Heather Martens
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Bio: Here I go!
Renae Clark
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Bio: ayomide
Missy Kelly
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Bio: Missy Kelly is the Co-founder/CEO of CatTongue Grips, Community Advocate, Business Leader, Outdoor Enthusiast and Life Long Adventurer.
Kelly Haynes
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Bio: Upstate NY mom of three, married for 27 years. I started in print marketing, moved into financial services where I still remain while coaching.
Leo R
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Bio: I am comfortable to share this information later
Martin Ebongue
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Bio: Je suis Martin et je suis passionné de liberté. à Bali depuis 8 ans, j'aide les jeunes à se créer une vie dont ils n'ont pas besoin de s'échapper.
Mary Schroeder
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Bio: Mary Schroeder
Aaron Schäpan
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Bio: Im a java and python programmer, conversion rate optimization expert and musician.
David Philippe
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Bio: Branding Expert - CBO @ The Setting Camp
Michelle Beltran
Chico, CA
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Bio: Michelle Beltran is a leading intuitive expert and transformation coach. She’s a best-selling author and host of the podcast, The Intuitive Hour.
Sahiba Narang
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Niurka Castaneda
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Bio: Speaker, Author, Media Producer and Host @ AUTV TV, Magazine Publisher | Thought Leader, Strategist, Advisor
Cat Keating
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Joy Camburn
Missouri, United States.
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Bio: Joy to the World 🌍❤️ Building great connections, spreading joy 😊🛍️
Crystal Adair-Benning
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Bio: CEO of Word Magic, multiple New York Times bestselling ghostwriter and copywriter, Crystal transforms words into world-changing magic.
Larlin Neumann
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Bio: Mom of 6 | Wife to Andrew Neumann | 2x SAASpreneur Award Winner, Coach
Jamie Kovacs
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Bio: Will add more later
Christine Aragon
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Malu Marsault
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Bio: I’m the founder of This Mama Invests, a movement that helps women in the Middle East to start investing and creating generational wealth.
Venus Loraña
Montreal • ISTJ
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Bio: BDM @
Waqar Ahmed
Lewes, Delaware
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Bio: Helping High-Ticket Coaches & Shopify Stores Go Beyond $50K/month. Getting At Least 4-5x ROAS with Paid Ads via STDC Framework.
JoAnne Boykin-Thurston
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Bio: Sapphyrebleu uses her gifts in acting, writing, singing & hosting to spread a legacy of love.
Kendra Davies
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Bio: Kendra Davies is a positive psychology practitioner, a life coach, speaker, and author.
Ingi Deutschlander
Cape Town
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Bio: Creator, entrepreneur & surfcoach. Communication & community cheerleader. Ethical altruist. Surfer & Traveler. Always learning.
Lady JB Owen
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Bio: Fearless female leader and highly successful entrepreneur. World-class speaker, international best-selling author, and powerful business owner.
Hanalei Swan
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Bio: :)
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Rhonda Swan
Rhonda Swan is the CEO Unstoppable Branding Agency, Founder of WILD Mag, and the best selling book series Women Gone Wild.

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