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Penney Holmlund
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Bio: Providing Help to New Moms Who Are Struggling. Want More Sleep? Want Help to Have Pain Free Feedings? Worried Abou Your Milk Production?
Stephanie McKay
New Hampshire • ENFJ
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Bio: Self-Awareness Coach. I help busy, working moms grow healthy habits around their time. Creating more time, peace of mind, & energy for them.
Alexandru Bolinu
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Bio: Mens sana in corpore sano : as a physiotherapist I'm looking into coaching to help people better
Shabbir Yamani
Cairo, Egypt • INFP
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Bio: PMP Certified, Technical Project & Product Management Consultant, Web3 & Crypto enthusiast. Open to remote roles and chat and brainstorming.
Julia Kent
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Bio: I'm here!
Denitsa Stoykova
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Bio: Living my best life in Hawaii and helping others to do the same.
Louise Toft
Cornwall , UK • INFP
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Bio: Life Coach, Psychotherapist, Child Counsellor, Couples Counsellor, EFT, NLP, ACT, Yoga, Reiki, Mum, student of Life, helping people help themselves
Mehul Mehta
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Bio: Aspiring Business Coach - SME Banker for more than 20 years Real Estate Investor - NLP trainer
George Williams
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Bio: My name is George Anthony Williams and I’m a Metaphysicsist self taught. Where I want to use this acquisition of knowledge to bring understanding.
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Rebecca Bacash
Envision what you want and have true clarity and motivation to move forward. Establish clear, actionable weekly and long-term goals.

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