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Ray Grossi
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Bio: Get 90+ Booked Appointments Every Month (Without Paid Ads) Using My Seven Fold System
Marcel Wan
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Bio: Your network is your net worth :)
Brayan Acosta
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Bio: Remote Sales | Personal Brand
Jay O
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Bio: ...
Jon E
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Bio: 7-Figure e-Commerce Entrepreneur
Andrea Harris Jr
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Bio: Just trying to offer as much value as possible.
Lutfi Isnin
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Bio: Was an army medic, accountant, pastry chef and media buyer... Now I write emails, ads (FB, YT, TT), landing pages and 10-min VSLs mostly in biz opp 😎
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Rafael Ortiz
Managed over 10Mill in ad spend on Facebook & Tiktok. Composer of Direct Response Marketing.

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