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Naga Venkata Pavan Kumar Kotha
Sunnyvale, CA
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Bio: Desire to Make 'NeverTheLess' Apps :-)
Honory Jerome
Africa and the USA • INFJ
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Bio: I've worked as an accountant, banker, affiliate, and grant management specialist. My goal is for my apps to generate a steady cash flow
Cindy Hanson
• Active 1d ago
Bio: Engineer, Rancher, Business Owner, App owner, and lover of life!
Harold Harris
Atlanta, GA
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Bio: January 01, 2023, The Dynasty Began.
Game Changer
• Active 327d ago
Bio: Robotics engineer by profession. Just trying to go from zero to infinity...
Jaime Mantilla
Tampa Bay, Fl
• Active 60m ago
Bio: I am an IT and marketing consultant looking to build wealth by owning digital assets to fulfill my dreams and make a difference in this world 🚀
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Puru Patil
Working on life saving techs while coding med-robots and implants. Interested in developing time-n-health saving apps and great connections.

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Joined Jan 9, 2023
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