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Setter Position - start within a week
Hey guys, I just started working on a new offer, it is a Marketing Agency within the Home Improvement niche, and we need a SETTER. All leads are basically cold but some of them come from email campaigns... Your daily task will be CALLING these leads and setting up an appointment. If you want to know more reach out to me in DM. If I don't answer right away, I'm on a call but I will 💯!
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(🏁 Start Here) - Welcome To Persuasion Academy
Watch the welcome video below 👇 Complete the action item in this video so you can get the most out of this group...
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@Filip Bozic welcome brother! Enjoy the group!
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@Tori Ahrens welcome girl... amazing group, you will see... @Kaleb McCullough provided so much valuable info inside. Enjoy!
Let me know in the comments 👇👇👇 Let's crush it!!! 💪💯🐐
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Discovery, Sales and Objection Handling Call - Feedback Wanted
Hey Everyone! Here’s a Discovery, Sales Pitch and Objection Handling call I had with a prospect. I sell video production to lawyers. She hit me with a Think About It objection and a Partner Objection. Would love to get some feedback on how I handled this. She ended up just emailing me saying she's not going to do it right now and to follow-up in 3-4 months.
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@Dan Deleon ok brother.. this is how I see it, my humble opinion.. Opening could be better, I would reaserch always the prospect first, to find something personal that I can use in my opening just to lower the guard... 1-2min... Discovery honestly, could be much better. You start asking questions, but you didn't dig deep enough... you didn't find all the pain points, you didn't touch that enough, and she gave you those information.. you need to chunk it down to find deepest pain, deepest fear, and than to PAINT HER the most beautiful picture of HER MOST DESIRABLE FUTURE. You touched some pain points, but you DIDN'T give her "Where she wants to be and HOW that would look like". SHE NEEDS TO PAIN THAT PICTURE with your help by asking the questions. You jumped too soon into the pitch, but my opinion, too much details, I think you lost her there, bcs you almost lost me honestly. Just present 3-4 Steps/Pillars as a bridge from where is she now to where she will be. I think that by the end of the pitch SHE DIDN'T HAVE: CLARITY: She didn't see how she can get from point A to B; CERTAINTY: She wasn't certain that your solution was the explanation of why everything she tried before failed and why this is going to be different. Even though, she didn't try anything 😁 she wasn't certain that IT IS the solution she needs. OBJECTIONS that she gave you was just to let you of the hook... there is much more to say but it is too much to text.. Also at 17th min you said: "I think I can help you..." There is never a word "I think".. next time just say: "Hey Kate, listen, from everything you told me, I'm CERTAIN this is gonna helpu you fix the problem..." Sorry brother if I was direct, but I think that this is the reason why you posted the video for a review... Practice is everything... go few more times through the video, try to see what I saw as a mistake, and keep learning. Every day we learn, from ours and others ppl mistakes. I'm sure you'll get there!!!
(💻 Closer Opening) - TOP affiliate marketing offer
Website - I'm very close with the sales manager on this offer, and is one of the BEST places for someone who is wanting to escape the grind of setting and transition into closing. The offer has stellar leadership and trains on the exact same style and sales methodology I train. 💰 Earning Potential Ticket Price $2,500 Realistic OTE - $8-9k m/o ($100,000 year) Comp - 10% ⚠️ Requirements ⚠️ - Able to work 40 hour work week - Comfort taking high call volume - Prior phone closing experience - 🇺🇸 Must be in the USA 📲 DM me "Affiliate" on Skool for more
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@Subhagi Sehgal guess we would 😉 It's good to know I'm not alone 😊💪
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@Subhagi Sehgal before we start "Closing" the prospects, we need to "Close" the Owner or HR 😁... Good thing, we know how the handle objections, and we know that they're coming... Good luck to both of us, and the rest of the crew here 💪🙏🐐
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