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Live Stream Links - 3/16/24
Your app is never going to be right if your database isn't designed properly. Avoid Power Apps Disaster By Setting Up Your Data Right! -
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amazing insightful video and thanks a lot for posting it on Youtube
Hands-On Power Apps Workshop: Bring Your Ideas, Design Your Database!
Are you a business professional, engineer, or an aspiring Power Apps developer looking to master the art of database design? Say goodbye to the confusion of using one big tables or lists as mere data sources. It's time to elevate your skills with our hands-on Power Apps and Data Normalization Workshop! This Friday 3/15 at 1pm EST. 🤔❓It doesn't matter what data source you're using: - SharePoint lists - Dataverse tables - SQL Server database We'll show you how to do all three❗ 🔥 Why You Can't Afford to Miss This: - Tailored for Your Growth: Whether you're a beginner or semi-advanced, our workshop is designed to fill the gaps in your database design knowledge. - Hands-On Learning Experience: Get ready to dive deep into data normalization with practical exercises and real-world applications. - Expert Guidance at Your Fingertips: Learn from the best! Your familiar instructors, Kurt and myself, are here to share our wealth of experience and insights. - Interactive and Engaging: Not just a lecture! Engage in lively group discussions, Q&A sessions, and collaborative learning. - Post-Workshop Support: We're not just saying goodbye post-workshop. Participants in the live session will receive ongoing support to ensure your continued development. 🚀 Choose Your Path to Power Apps Mastery: 1️⃣ Unlimited Membership - Dive into all our workshops! Access live, past, and future on-demand sessions for just $147/mo. Perfect for the enthusiastic learner. Sign Up Now 2️⃣ All On-Demand Membership - Love learning at your own pace? Get all past and future workshops on-demand for $97/mo. (Excludes live workshops) Join Here 3️⃣ One Live Workshop - Experience the live interaction and learning for just a one-time fee of $47. Reserve Your Spot 4️⃣ Single On-Demand - Just want this workshop? Access it on-demand for only $25. Get It Here
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Interesting and Joining In on Fri
This Friday's Workshop: Approval Workflows!
👉As it turns out, creating and using stored procedures isn't an in-demand topic 😂😂 we're going to have this next workshop (this Friday, the 8th at 1pm EST) on something a few of you have mentioned, which is approval workflows (not relying on Power Automate flows). 💥This will be about creating a canvas Power Apps application that will have screens that will allow someone to ask permission or approval to do something, buy something, be granted access, etc. It will have at least two levels of approvals. Approvers will receive email notifications with deep linking to the exact record corresponding to the link they clicked on. 🗣️I did create a WhatsApp chat (link below) for workshop discussions. Please keep in mind that the chat isn't for random Power Apps support, but for discussing what topics to consider for future workshops, but also any communication about the workshops in general. - ⬅️the WhatsApp chat I've included a demo an app I did in the past that was very similar to this (video below). 😎👍 I've included different payment options to save you guys as much money as possible... 1️⃣ UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP - If you're interested in all the workshops (live and past and future on-demand) for a monthly membership click on this link ($147/mo): - 2️⃣ ALL ON-DEMAND MEMBERSHIP - If you want to get at all workshops on-demand past and future (doesn't include any of them live) for a monthly membership click on this link ($97/mo): - 3️⃣ ONE LIVE WORKSHOP ($47 one-time) - 4️⃣ SINGLE ON-DEMAND - If you want to buy just this one or any other one on-demand (not live), use this link ($25, one-time):
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Interesting and Joining the workshop on Fri.
Join Us Live This Morning - SPROCS!
💥The legendary @Andrew Hess will be our guest of honor this morning at 10am EST! 🧑‍💻...where we will be looking at this new feature in Power Apps which will allow us to call SQL Server stored procedures directly from Power Apps without having to use a Power Automate flow to call it! 🔗 #PowerApps #powerplatform #sqlserver #storedprocedures
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Amazing, just joined and enjoying Co-pilot
How to Use Power BI Tutorial
📊 How to Use Power BI Tutorial 📈 ➡️➡️Today at 11am EST ⏰ 🔗
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is this for the beginners, pls?
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