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Malek Espanola
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Bio: Hobbiest
Guy Meynants
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Bio: image sensor expert
Rene Ayoroa
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Bio: Embedded systems engineer. Mostly software, but hardware enthusiast.
Frederick Kazan
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Bio: Ugent Civil Engineer Televic barco DAW
Patrick Pelgrims
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Bio: PCB
Usama Ishfaq
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Bio: Hardware design engineer
Prabhu R
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Bio: Electronics Enthusiast
Olayode Yusuff
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Bio: I am ready for everything learning
Steve Stoffels
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Bio: Founder and entrepreneur in the high tech sector
Remco Kuipers
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Bio: hw designer
Dylan Gybels
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Bio: High speed electronic designer with 7-8 years of experience.
Anh Nhien Le
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Bio: Newbie
Nithya Periasamy
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Bio: PCB Layout Designer in Allegro for 8.5 years. Need to know techniques in high speed design, EMI issues, Rigid Flex pcb rules, Interposer pcb
John Quimby
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Bio: Electrician for devices and systems
Georgi Bochev
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Bio: Electrical engineer
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Piet Callemeyn
On a mission to help electronics designers achieve first time right accuracy!
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