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Marketing Mba
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Bio: Marketing.MBA acts as a strategic marketing coach and business development consultancy for marketing professionals and corporate marketing teams.
Laura Schwirten
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Bio: Daytrading Enthusiast
Bernd Schweigert
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Bio: If nothing goes right --- go left! ABCD (Always be connecting dots)
Philipp Freundorfer
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Bio: Phil 🇦🇹
Alexandra Rodriguez
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Bio: Confident Dramatic Charismatic Ambitious Creative
Raphael Liechti
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Bio: Daytrading , Aktien Suisse Made 2560 Nidau
Robert Rother
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Bio: (Day)-Trader, Investor & Entrepreneur
Daniel Griessmayr
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Bio: Hallo Leute, freu mich auf einen Austausch zum Thema Trading, Investieren und Analysen
Peter Becker
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Bio: I’m usually wrong - somehow
Georgios Stolte
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Bio: Enjoy yourself
Ralf Langenfeld
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Bio: daytraing investment steuern sparen
Emanuele Augugliaro
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Bio: Hallo Zusammen
Robert Rother
Wangerooge, Germany
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Bio: As an investment veteran with 25+ years leading two successful firms, I'm a savvy trader, investor, and entrepreneur. My expertise delivers results.
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Peter Freundorfer

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