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  • Tony Wells
    • Active 3d ago
    Bio: London based Compositor (currently at Jellyfish Pictures)
  • Gergely Velki
    • Active 12d ago
    Bio: We are Legion
  • Monike Verdu
    • Active 8d ago
  • Bernd Ma
    • Active 9d ago
    Bio: Will add some words later
  • Tom Farinella
    • Active 13d ago
    Bio: Compositor
  • Debarghya Dutta
    • Active 17d ago
    Bio: Excited to be here
  • Diego Ramos Velandia
    • Active 20h ago
    Bio: I'm Diego Ramos, a digital visual effects compositor.
  • Ryan Greenwood
    • Active 21h ago
    Bio: Comp artist in LA
  • Flavio Kawamoto
    • Active 8d ago
    Bio: Compositor
  • Mauricio Calderon
    • Active 16d ago
    Bio: Vfx compositor aspiring for grow up my career
  • Dan Pryor
    • Active 1d ago
    Bio: Spanish vfx compositor living in London
  • Carlos Trijueque
    • Active 50d ago
    Bio: Just another Compositor
  • Owen Stark
    • Active 11h ago
    Bio: London based senior comper with my dog Archie here keeping an eye on things.
  • Enrique Sandoval
    • Active 34d ago
    Bio: Vfx artist for sometime trying to be better human
  • Tiago Carmo
    • Active 23h ago
    Bio: Maya Generalist | Nuke Compositor
  • Ali Hamidikia
    • Active 63d ago
    Bio: Comp guy!
  • Gianluca De Petris
    • Active 64d ago
    Bio: De Petris - Compositor
  • Alexander Isaksson
    • Active 29d ago
    Bio: .
  • Manish Kumar
    • Active 22d ago
    Bio: Vfx compositor
  • Robin Rhee
    • Active 41d ago
    Bio: Compositor currently based in Montreal
  • Satish Krishna
    • Active 24h ago
    Bio: Senior Compositor | Nuke | Life Style and Fashion Photographer |
  • Jérémy Pierre
    • Active 92d ago
    Bio: ..
  • Attila Gasparetz
    • Active 21d ago
  • Elena Topouzoglou
    • Active 7d ago
    Bio: Compositing Supervisor and Partner at Stardust
  • Hong Dam
    • Active 8d ago
    Bio: Walking in the countryside, exploring, photography, art
  • Genevieve Trottier
    • Active 19d ago
    Bio: Hi! I'm Gen, I'm a VFX compositor, in the industry for 8 years, was previously a photographer and a 3D artist in game dev.
  • Alex Holthaus
    • Active 19d ago
    Bio: Edit, MoGraph and Comp with a little bit of Color and Sound.
  • Shailendra Pandey
    • Active 111d ago
  • Ashish Mishra
    Chennai India
    • Active 83d ago
    Bio: Team leader Rotoscopy department 9year experience i am doing lots off Hollywood projects
  • Luis Mota
    • Active 23d ago
    Bio: Lead Comp/Nuke TD
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