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Level 6, now to level 7
I've been too long trying to get to level 6, now gtting into 7 ufff, I'm 990something points to go seems endless... Can't wait to unlock the purge journey in classroom. Please help....!
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😅😅😅😅😅 Lets GO!!!! I loved the way...and the sound of breathwork by @Brian Kelly
Passed out Releasing 5 Trauma Imprints
Good afternoon fam. I experienced an unfortunate experience today, thankfully I’m on. I don’t do breathwork often but I want to do it more and revisited some of the shorter guides this past week and wanted to go deeper. I was doing the guided breathwork of Releasing 5 Primary Trauma Imprints today and I was at the first breathhold, about 45 minutes in. Mind you I was in my sauna sitting up , was this a major mistake? Probably but can someone elaborate? Emotions were rolling in, I was tingling throughout and Brian instructed to do the first breath hold and I woke up on the floor of my sauna with my wife freaking out. Thankfully my head and neck did not go thru the glass. I wanted to jump back into the rest of the session, outside or the sauna and lying down but would that have been ok for me as well or did I just reset the whole experience. I fee clear and calm, even though my neck hurts.
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Hi Man!!!! It never happened to me. I've noticed that I can't breathe in the late afternoon or early evening after a day of work. I found myself lost in thought several times or I fell asleep. I accepted that nothing has to happen as anything can happen. So always try to be as safe as possible. I notice that now the breaths are not as impactful as they were at the beginning. Then let a period pass to redo it.
Loosing my pace
Hey guys! I’m currently feeling that my pace with breathwork daily commitment is going down! So, I had an idea 💡, can you guys remind me why we do it? Comment below 01 reason why you do it or tell me some experience you had with Breathwork. Appreciate the support! 🙏🏽🦋
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Hi Hugo. Breathing is just for you to remember that you are not your mind. Your mind thinks, out of instinctive habit of peotetion it focuses on the negative. In other words, you suffer out of habit. Starting the day remembering that you are the owner of your mind and body gives you the possibility of at least doing something different, having other actions, thoughts and changing habits, but until this becomes something natural like brushing your teeth, your mind will resist because One of its biggest functions is to protect you by using as little energy as possible. ....Leaving is normal...., returning becomes salvation.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Encore of Full System Reset this SATURDAY 🚀
Breathwork Revolutionaries! ✊ Can I be real with you all for a minute? While these masterclasses have always been our gift to you, they're more than just an access key to the 9D breathwork experiences. They're invitations. Invitations to a larger vision, to a movement that's bigger than all of us combined. You see, our vision is a bold one: by January 2024, we aim to impact 24.5 million souls every week with the raw power of 9D breathwork. A dream? Absolutely. But one we believe in and we're fully committed to making happen. However, dreams, as expansive as they are, can't be nurtured solo. We're already well into the process of cultivating the most powerful fu**ing movement the breathwork world has ever seen. A powerhouse community of 9D Breathwork ambassadors who are carrying this light to every nook and cranny of our world - from bustling cities to serene countryside, across all continents and cultures. So, I'm not gonna mask it: these classes are also a call to join our ranks. But more than a 'sales call,' consider it a heart-to-heart. An invitation to leverage the impact that this medicine delivers and step up to help bring it to those who need it most... Which right now, consists of ALMOST EVERYONE. Imagine the possibility of ushering in a global shift, of turning ripples into tidal waves of positive change. By joining our mission, you're not just instructing; you're inspiring, healing, and creating legacies. Our world needs its leaders, its visionaries. its revolutionaries. It needs YOU. So, if you're ready to learn how to leverage the most powerful form of breathwork and use it to make the most massive impact while making amazing $$ and carving out the most fulfilling life in the process, then drop "9D" in the comments below and we'll see you Saturday at 8pm Bali time🔥 With deep respect, Brian Ps if you can’t make it live recording will go out and be available for a few days x
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The 9D Breathwork Revolution is Officially Underway 🚀
We’re doing it again! The responses we had from our last LIVE ZOOM call a few weeks ago were incredible, and so we’re doing it again… Monday the 24th at 8pm Bali time we’re going live! Comment “24” below and I’ll send you the zoom link for the live group zoom call on Monday. The first 30 minutes will be a deepdive into the business opportunities presented by the rapid growth of the breathwork space. In just 7 days you can create a business unlike any other, making $100k to $400k per year, right off the bat. It’s the fastest growing sector in the health industry, and the opportunities to create a meaningful, impactful and profoundly profitable business is unlike ever before. The 9D Breathwork system allows anyone, from any walk of life, to become a licensed facilitator and spread this revolutionary work. Then the remaining 60 minutes will be a deep dive second round 9D breathwork journey for Abundance Activation that will absolutely blow you away. If you didn't catch the last one then this your opportunity to catch it on the rebound, my gift to you all ❤️ Comment “24” and I’ll see you on Monday 8pm Bali time! Big love x Brian
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