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Robb Quinn
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Bio: Recruiting Firm - Training Remote Sales Reps & Sales Managers. We connect these trained professionals with established online high ticket businesses.
Haplin Milgrom-Hills
β€’ Active 5d ago
Bio: Product manager for Robb Bailey; ceramics enthusiast.
Josh Gavin
β€’ Active 17h ago
Bio: I Build & Publish Offers For Fun
Michael Mignogna
β€’ Active 21h ago
Bio: I run the most innovative contractor marketing agency in the world and I love helping other SMMA owners become wildly successful doing the same!
Arin Darcan
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Bio: I help agency owners build out internal calling teams to solve their clients' lead follow up for good!
Andy Walker
β€’ Active 4d ago
Bio: Local SEO Expert Helping Home Service Business Owners Scale.
Icon Becker
β€’ Active 29d ago
Bio: Founder of Klevr Events
Joe Winger
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Bio: Joe uses branded storytelling to help corporations around the world sell their products and services.
Paul Meyers
North Bay Ontario
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Bio: VP Digital Services - Clark Communications is a full service marketing agency in North Bay Ontario Canada. I want to connect with people and learn Ai.
Ben Roddey
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Bio: Residential and Commercial roofing contractor based in Tampa Florida.
Robert Riol
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Bio: Just a contractor trying to give my family the best life possible. Financial freedom.
Branden Markham
American Fork, Utah β€’ INTJ
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Bio: I'm 34 and living in American Fork, Utah I'm an general contractor. working on becoming the best me i can be.
Spencer Fowler
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Bio: General contractor and owner of a residential remodeling company on San Diego. Wealth is the goal.
Paul McDonagh
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Bio: Helping construction contractors deliver profits on construction projects while maintaining good client relationships.
Monroe Shrock
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Bio: Commercial roofer.
Eli Swarey
β€’ Active 8d ago
Bio: Helping business owners solve there roof problems with out superior higher quality liquid applied systems
Support Staff
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Bio: none
Cody Kline
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Bio: .
Bryan Mitchell
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Bio: Bryan Mitchell has a history in roofing as Vice President of a $58 million roofing contractor.
Emmit White
Southern Eastern Virginia
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Bio: Emmit White CEO Tidewater Roofing and Carefree Gutter Guard
Eric Lueck
β€’ Active 13d ago
Bio: President and owner of Redhammer Roof Group in Kansas City. Service company specializing in roofing - commercial, residential, and maintenance.
Shonna Lang
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Bio: My name is Shonna Lang & I am a co-owner at Safeguard Roofing Group. At Safeguard we focus on Honesty, Integrity & Strong Business Relationships!
Anthony Langevin
Dallas GA
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Bio: I recently transitioned into commercial. I am eager to learn, and am committed to applying the skills and knowledge to serve those around me.
Jesse Lang
Atlanta GA
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Bio: My name is Jesse Lang I’m the owner of safeguard Roofing Group LLC. I’ve been in the roofing industry for 14 years and excited to be in this group!
Aaron McCollum
β€’ Active 262d ago
Bio: President @ Applied Roofing Solutions, Inc.
Todd Upton
β€’ Active 90d ago
Bio: Owner of Big Rock KangaRoof in Little Rock, AR.
SmarterRoofer Staff
β€’ Active 86d ago
Bio: Why do some roofers struggle while others quickly get results and the life they signed up for?
David French
β€’ Active 10m ago
Bio: 🐺 Built & Sold a 7 Figure Marketing Agency - Now I'm building a $1M/yr Offer Suite and teaching what I know.
Jamal Miller
β€’ Active 1d ago
Bio: Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur
Aaron Fletcher
β€’ Active 2d ago
Bio: Founder of The Fletchermethod and
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Owen Shrock
Visionary dreamer 🌟 Serial entrepreneur. Marketing aficionado since 1995. #Leadership #DirectSales #WebDesign #Advertising #CommercialRoofCoatings

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