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Juan S
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Bio: smart contract security researcher | cs+maths undergrad
Rabs Hadi
Sydney • INTJ
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Bio: Helping you monetize on skool.
Daniel Gelfand
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Bio: Smart Contract Auditor Interested in anything crypto and blockchain security History buff
Jordan Bishop
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Bio: .
Priyam Soni
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Bio: Smart Contract Security Researcher
Boris Hristov
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Bio: ex Java dev, C++ enthusiast looking to completely switch to SC auditing
Saadman Masud
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Bio: Aspiring LSR
Felipe Gomez
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Bio: When not deep in code, can be found eating waffles.
David Dacruz
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Max Goodman
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Bio: 🛡️ security researcher
Hendrik De Beer
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Bio: Potato
Latricia Nickelberry
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Bio: Smart contract security researcher
Pol Gallardo
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Bio: Blockchain Developer & Security Researcher | Solidity 👨🏽‍💻 | Medium
Nayan Kubade
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Bio: Learner
VanGrim Ox
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Bio: Astronaut Auditor
Reda Aboutika
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Bio: Web3 Security 🛡️
Dimo Georgiev
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Bio: nothing
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Owen Thurm
Building a Smart Contract audit firm in the world of blockchain

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