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Bio: Branding Expert - CBO @ The Setting Camp
Julius Martin Kerner
Berlin • ENFJ
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Bio: Industrial Design & Computer Science
Rishi Pat
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Bio: learner here
Khushal Gajipara
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Bio: grinding season
J Wong
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Bio: -
Victor Godsk
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Bio: Email Marketer & Copywriter 📧
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Bio: Perth based DTC ecom brand
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Bio: Pop Singer-Songwriter-Producer
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Bio: Email marketer. Fitness, health, and wealth. Student of life.
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Bio: DR. Info. eComm. Health & Wealth 🌱
John Snapple
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Bio: Ecommerce
Mauricio Gonzalez
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Bio: Traveling email copywriter building my way to financial freedom.
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Bio: Global Digital Strategy
Art Vandelay
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Bio: Hi
Tony Scarcia
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Bio: Hi
Saif M.
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Bio: Co-Founder of Deskr.
Ramon Cassel
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Bio: All things ecom, b2b and b2c
Jake Trinder
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Bio: Building YouTube Sales Funnels @ | DM for 0 to 50 calls/mo in 60 days case study
Chris Mathews
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Bio: Interested in anything that upskills myself or those around me
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