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Poppy Sullivan
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Bio: Marketing Assistant at Carousel
Karolyn McKinlay
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Bio: I am starting a deli here with my husband in Virginia Beach but making it a different experience.
Sophie Ferreira
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Jess Hellens
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Bio: Community Founder and Marketing Director
Jon Denton
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Bio: YouTuber with over 480,000 subscribers. Previously a journalist, magazine editor, consultant with top global brands (Monster, EA etc).
John Angliss
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Bio: N/A
B Tucker
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Bio: Ex advertising creative offsetting the harm done by making fun event experiences
Naomi Wood
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Bio: Creative practitioner and theatre maker
Ruby Taylor
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Bio: Artist & Music Producer based in Brighton
Tom Campbell
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Bio: I'm a marketing professional and aspiring youtuber
Anna Gerber
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Bio: Experienced in different industries such as tech, hospitality and entertainment. Recently also completed a marketing masters.
Ben Wilson
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Bio: Hey There! I’m a Producer, Songwriter & Studio Owner in Sussex
Harry Winter
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Bio: Hi I'm Harry I'm a digital and motion graphics designer in Brighton, looking to develop marketing know-how and get some cracking new clients!
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Ollie Denton
Freelance marketing consultant with over a decade of experience.

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