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Chuck Brunell
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Timmy Nguyen
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Ziga Anzur
European Union
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Bio: Audio Engineer,who has seen market fall,the last 3 decades,& last covid,which ended my career,now a swing trader,looking to protect his stocks
Yoganshi Shah
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Bio: Entrepreneur turned full time trader for some time and financial freedom.
Cory Mirabel
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Bio: Utilizing the God-given brain.... Successful momma 🥰 Doing what unsuccessful people are willing to do ✅
Sharon Bella
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Bio: I currently work as nurse and live in Indiana. Love meeting people and enjoy traveling. I excited to do this challenge with you all & change my life.
Michael Hoffmann
United States
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Bio: Passionate about Passive Income Streams that allow me to spend more time with my family
Angel Otano
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Bio: god's son.
Mate Torma
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Bio: placeholder
Al Saenz
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Bintang Kejora
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Kelly Bailey
Renton, WA • ISTJ
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Bio: Semi-retired former Fed, drummer, adaptive powerlifter, former Army Infantry Officer, and banker, father of a ballerina & husband of a kid-lit writer.
Jodi McGee
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Bio: Trying to retire
Paul Keswick
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Bio: Loss my rear as a day trader. Looking to find it again.
Greg Brown
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Bio: Semi-retired, looking for community of investors to learn more about investing. Some success, but want to make my retirement comfortable.
Pedro Vasquez
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Bio: my name is Perdo Vasquez
Asim Imtiaz
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Bio: New to investment, learning as I go.
Edward Griffiths
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Tricia Bailey
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Bio: I've worked in the Asset Management Industry for most of my career. I am new to investing in stocks and selling call options in my own portfolio.
Mason Gonzales
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Derek Grzelewski
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Bio: I’m a professional skier originally from New Zealand and now living in Colorado, USA. I’m interested in achieving financial freedom.
Slawomir Rotkiewicz
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Bio: Retired diversified speculator Engineering Programmer AI for finance
Robert Sowers
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Bio: Just Bob
Robert Wheeler
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Bio: Retired Executive from the High Tech Industry selling Electronic Components
Henry Steven Marshall
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Bio: It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.”
Robert Harper
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Bio: Capitalist with a Conscience
Anastasia Greene
United States
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Bio: Beginner investor, eager to learn more.
Yi Sun
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Bio: Hello! My name is Sunny.
Jacqueline Jones
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Bio: Global Citizen traveling the world one country a month
Frank Labarbera
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Oliver El-Gorr
I help ordinary people protect and grow their wealth in the stock market.

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