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Marco Cirillo
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Bio: I help campfire guitarists sound better.
Marianna Naomie Garcia
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Bio: Passionate and dedicated mindset coach with a mission to empower individuals to unlock their full potential and live their best lives.
Tam C
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Bio: NJ-Media Team
Valters Locmelis
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Bio: Interest in YT Automation process
Matiss Baskevics
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Bio: Jauniņais
Mikus Losans
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Bio: dibinātājs, kas sniedz tiešsaistes apmācību un akselerācijas pakalpojumus 3000+ Latvijas uzņēmējiem kopš 2016.gada.
The Extraordinarians With Coach Sylvia Silvers
Bio: I'm fun,brilliant,intelligent,sexy&kind. I take action to live my dream life. I'm loved&respected. I WIN every game I play. I am The Extraordinarian.
Klāvs Vess
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Bio: NJ Media
Ade Ade
United Kingdom
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Bio: If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you. Oh and I like anime.
Jayson Damerell
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Bio: Growth together! NJ Team
Xander Cladder MWO
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Bio: Xander Cladder (57), Netherlands, Employee Engagement, Gallup, Cliftonstrengths, We help entreprenours of big companies earn more by topmanagement.
Janine Subgang
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Raimonds Kokarevičs
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Bio: 🚀 Raimonds: CEO at Alliance Solutions At the helm of Alliance Solutions, I lead a passionate team dedicated to crafting cutting-edge IT solutions.
Kris Corbus
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Bio: nerd, confidence coach & meditation teacher
Betija Voldiņa
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Bio: .
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