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14 contributions to Michael Mignogna's SMMA School
First Client
I'm struggling to get my first client . Anyone Senior here can give me any good tip or can assist me in any way ! Thanks .
New comment Feb 5
2 likes • Feb 5
cold email works fine, but in the beginning, just work for free or on a performance basis. No one will pay you $2,000 monthly if you don't have experience, so don't stress about that. Just focus on getting a couple of clients, work for free, get some proof, both inside a campaign, video testimonials. Once you have happy clients paying you on a performance basis, create a referral system where you pay the client X amount of $ per referral, then you'll have no problem signing clients. At the same time, you use the new revenue you got to build a solid infrastructure with cold email, a cold calling team, and paid traffic (ads)
To anyone who is good at pricing services and goods: I am about to cold call some potential future paid clients tomorrow and I want to know how much I should charge monthly for my services. My services include: 1. Instagram Page Creation and Management (Reels, Posts, Highlights, Stories etc.) 2. Facebook Page Creation and Management 3. TikTok Page Creation and regular posts (3 a day, Daily) 4. Facebook Ads ($20 budget daily) I've done the calculations for the Facebook ads and they will cost $600 monthly. P.S. I am calculating all the money in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).
New comment Jan 27
0 likes • Jan 27
You should go for a higher ad budget, at least $50/day, and if you're doing all of these services, $1,500 is fine. Personally I wouldn't bother with the management of their social medias, just focus on the tasks that will bring them a direct ROI immediately, like ads.
How do i reach business owners?
I've done over 400-600 cold calls in the roofing niche so far in the first 2 weeks. I targeted jacksonville just because its an area im familiar with, but im only getting receptionists to pick up. Whats the best way retarget these people? (im in roofing btw)
New comment Jan 24
0 likes • Jan 22
scrape off of linkedin, that way you can contact decision-makers. Then you use any phone number enrichment tool and you'll find the decision makers cell phone number. At the same time, if your current lead list has phone number AND first name, you can bypass the receptionists by acting nonchalant in the initial seconds, e.g. by saying "It's [FIRSTNAME], can I talk to [firstname] about something really quick?" If they ask you what it's for, just say "Oh [firstname] will know what it's for" and they'll often send you to the decision-makers. It only works if you have the decision-maker named in your lead list
Roofers applying on the form
Had one of my clients say most of the phone calls and form submitters were just other roofers searching for jobs or other inquiries, not homeowners looking to install new roof. Does anyone else experience this now in December/January or is it due to the Facebook algorithm messing up?
New comment Jan 13
1 like • Jan 12
@Oliver King actually i was using look-a-like audience so that explains it probably. Thank you
Jan 2 
leads from different states
My client is in Idaho and the past 2 leads came in from different states any idea on how to fix that?
New comment Jan 3
2 likes • Jan 3
Previously you could set the targeting for "people who live in location", but now it's only possible to target "people who live in or recently visited location", so it's impossible to not get leads outside the service area sometimes. Ways to solve this: exclude all areas outside the service area, it'll lower the audience a bit but you're only going to get homeowners in your targeted area.
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