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Jonathan Henry
• Active 5d ago
Bio: Hi, I live in DMV | 9-5 as Management Consultant | Real Estate Investor | Coach Black & Hispanic-owned Small Business | Ready to Learn
Natasha Williams
• Active 105d ago
Bio: Natasha is an international bestselling author and speaker, who sold projects to Hollywood, a certified coach, and founder of Boss Ladies TV Network.
Muminah Muhammad
• Active 317d ago
Bio: I Love making a difference in Life! My goal is to leave behind a legacy and that my family and others can speak my name with pride & grace!
Bernard Ruffin
• Active 337d ago
Bio: Author of The B.U.I.L.D. Project and creator of the brand PRAYpare (PRAY about it...prepare for it). I love cars and spending time with my family.
Tammie Bellamy
• Active 212d ago
Bio: I currently work as a federal employee but I have passion to teach my community on managing finances so they can live a better and peaceful life.
Ashley Hitchens-Chandler Crafter
Dallas, Texas
• Active 274d ago
Bio: I'm a diagnostic authorization specialist.I have a passion for serving battered women and children and I'm a chandler (candle maker).
Antoinette McGarvin
Southfield, Michigan
• Active 301d ago
Bio: Executive assistant and office manager for my church home. I love playing in the dirt (amateur gardener)
Rebecca Eloisa
Bali, Indonesia • ENFJ
• Active 386d ago
Bio: Social Media Manager for Anthony ONeal & Other YouTubers. Going Viral is My Art!
Damaris Evans
Florida • ISFJ
• Active 297d ago
Bio: I am an accountant running my own business. Also a content creator with a podcast Words of Wisdom with DE. I love to travel and hang out with family.
Kimberly Hudgens
Washington • ISFJ
• Active 459d ago
Bio: Professional Organizer | Home Decor | Wife | Mother | Wellness
LaTarsha Scott
Montgomery, AL • INFJ
• Active 444d ago
Bio: Hi, I'm Tasha. I own Maximized Growth, LLC, a training and development company. My personal brand is just_tasha2.0 on IG and TikTok.
Toni Martin
• Active 400d ago
Bio: I am an office manager who wants to be a content creator. I love the world of personal finance (money nerd). A DIY investor, Mom, Grandma and Wife.
Tamira Wells
Los Angeles
• Active 10d ago
Bio: Owner of a 90’s inspired streetwear clothing brand I relaunched to pay homage to my late aunt and uncle and virtual wardrobe consultant
Maia Akiens
Memphis, TN
• Active 267d ago
Bio: Hi!! Pursing my Masters in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling. I am all things Faith Mindset Healing Evolving & Wellness. I read and write.
Althea McLeish
Tampa Bay
• Active 105d ago
Bio: Freelance Nurse Writer - healthcare content with a purpose. Touching lives & making a difference. RN x 40 years and a doctorate (DNP). DrMcRNwriter
Daphanie Brown- DFW ACTOR
Dallas TX
• Active 105d ago
Bio: I’m passionate about acting and I’m very interested in community service activities like volunteer work.
Zina Trigleth
• Active 325d ago
Bio: I am a travel agent, CPR/BLS trainer, and entrepreneur
Elayna Alexander
Tri State Area/New Jersey
• Active 393d ago
Bio: Business strategist with a heart for the unfiltered joys of life. Breaking free from self sabotage & sharing my journey of the freedom in being me 💎
Tanisha Goins
• Active 140d ago
Bio: Hi! I’m Tanisha. Navy Vet and now a project manager for a Tech company. I enjoy traveling and have lived a little bit of everywhere. Cheers!
Joseph Smith
New Jersey
• Active 174d ago
Bio: Husband | Father to 6 beautiful children | Tech Career Enthusiasts | Content Creator @jmsmith Tech (YouTube)
Benjamin King
Savannah Georgia
• Active 35d ago
Bio: I’m just using my voice to change the world .
Chris and Deean Wallace
• Active 65d ago
Bio: We are a husband and wife duo. We are parents, mortgage lenders, and content creators. We're here to learn how to monetize and grow our influence.
Chelsea Adekunle
Dallas, TX
• Active 387d ago
Bio: Hi! My name is Chelsea from Dallas, Tx! I am a full time entrepreneur and digital marketer that has a passion for God! I love to uplift and inspire 💕
Alex Lewis
• Active 2d ago
Bio: Multi-Hyphenate Creative & Educator, Passionate about building the creative economy
Chantel Quailey -Healthy Lifestyle Chef
Bio: Hey y’all! I’m Chantel and I am a trained Chef and I am teaching people how to make healthy meals without compromising flavor and excitement.
Alexis Williams Tech mindset lifestyle
• Active 2d ago
Bio: I am an inspiring impactful creator who can help my newfound family with Tech - Mindset- and Freedom Living/Lifestyle.
Rayna Ellison-Content Creation
• Active 105d ago
Bio: Hi everyone! My name is Rayna, I'm 25, and I'm a psychology major. I'm interested in encouraging and helping others reach their God-given potential!
Danita Norman
• Active 487d ago
Bio: I am an independent insurance agent.
Tcharly Gutt
• Active 105d ago
Bio: k
Alexis Hines
• Active 349d ago
Bio: I am a Technical Project Manager. I’m interested in learning new things to advance me to the next level in life.
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Nicole Spann
Dating coach & Matchmaker.

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Joined Feb 12, 2023
Locust Grove, A
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