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Crystal Huertas
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Bio: Hello! 👋 My names Crystal I’m 37,This is for myself and my family. I cannot wait to accelerate and learn in this program.
Rachelle Augé
• Active 5d ago
Deep Arorra
• Active 1d ago
Bio: God is busy. May I help you?
Chris Gubbels
• Active 3h ago
Bio: Dr. Chris Gubbels is known for his specialized expertise in non-surgical scoliosis and kyphosis treatment.
Marian Richardson
• Active 4h ago
Bio: Hi Everyone 😊
Steve Comtiag
Bay Area, California
• Active 7m ago
Bio: Followed my mom's dream to become a nurse, now I want to follow my own dream, to become an entrepreneur.
Lisa Serrano
• Active 10h ago
Bio: Founder, +pih
Kenyon King
• Active 5h ago
Bio: I joining the Billy Gene AI Accelerator Team
Ken Lawrence Jr
• Active 12m ago
Bio: Detroit DJ turned rap artist 🔥🎤 | Spreading ambition and success through music 🎶 | Bringing the heat to the stage and the booth 💯 #SaluteToTheDJs
Ken Siminji
• Active 5d ago
Bio: Hello everyone, I am keen on digital business. Have never been able to leverage using the online space. Now with AI and Billy Gene, there is HOPE.
Kellisha Sharief
Kennesaw Georgia
• Active 2d ago
Bio: After 16 years in retail management, I'm stepping into entrepreneurship. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, success awaits!
Keith Hawkins
• Active 1d ago
Bio: I'm a truck driver by day and super marketer wannabe by night!
Karine Engrand
• Active 10h ago
Bio: +25 ans Entrepreneure +M€, Stratégiste Life & Business Mentor, Investisseur.
Kamala Muhammad
• Active 3d ago
Bio: Originally from NY, Az has been home for the past 12 years. I like to cook, sew, & travel. I'm mother to 3 children & have been married for 37yrs.
Juan Rodriguez
New Jersey • ENFP
• Active 9h ago
Bio: Currently working as a User Experince Designer in the tech portion of the Insurance industry. Admirer of shiny objects.
Juan Alonso
• Active 2d ago
Bio: Looking to finally reach my fitness goals lifting only a couple times per week
Josh Walker
• Active 1d ago
Bio: Just a father of 4 trying to give the best life to his 4 Girls.
Joseph Roman
• Active 10h ago
Bio: my name is Joseph, people call me Joe, i live in Florida and currently working for someone, my ideal job is to own my own business.
Leland Baptist
• Active 11h ago
Bio: I like to have fun, being goofy, chilling with my family and playing chess :)
Jonathan Anderson-Ingebrigtsen
Bio: Super connector of Business and all things community based.
Camille Turner
• Active 7h ago
Bio: Hi! My name is Camille and I started a cloud-based accounting and marketing firm.
Wesley Forster
• Active 9h ago
Bio: I’m retired, sold business but still consulting under contract. I have a coaching business in the same industry. I’m Canadian, live BC.
Theresa Beck
• Active 17d ago
Bio: CEO and Chief Marketing Strategist for CauseWay Marketing. A Senior Marketing and Development Executive with over 20 years of experience.
Lucho Crisalle
• Active 6d ago
Bio: Health & Nutrition Profitability Expert
Shonda Huntley
• Active 122d ago
Bio: I am a business owner, wife, mother and grandmother that is a problem solver to small business owners that have no visibility in the digital world!
Chris Vail
• Active 5d ago
Bio: Coming soon
Mona Osman
New York, USA
• Active 3d ago
Bio: I am a 20 year commercial loan originator looking to 10x my business
Michelle Coulter
• Active 1d ago
Bio: Here to learn, build, and share!
Desmond Croker
Westmoreland, Jamaica
• Active 6d ago
Bio: Registered nurse with over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Certified Diabetes Educator.
Frankie Bahena
North Carolina
• Active 5d ago
Bio: Inventory Expert, Systems Admin, Accounting Specialist, Real Estate Investor, PM, E-com student and future advertiser.
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Nicole Berinobis
Medical Massage Teacher, Business owner mother, Sock finder, glorified laundry lady, butler or just Aunty Nikki. Never forgot the best Hug Giver.

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Joined Jan 4, 2024
Kamuela, Hawaii
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