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Maddy Facelesswealthhub
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Bio: Hey, I'm Maddy, based in France. Mentor + sales strategy. Follow me @facelesswithmaddy
Ubc Course
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Bio: This profile is run by the UBC admins! You can contact us through Skool messages or
Meike Aulenbacher
β€’ Active 57d ago
Bio: Hi :) My name is Meike, I live in Zurich and I'm happy to connect. My Instagram handle @hergrowthlab 😊
Maude Insta
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Bio: Maude, nice to meet you! Goal:15k/month asap Ready to work for it! My current insta accounts: @Madridaventurescanines @confianceinfinie @MaudeWadelec
Jasleen Bali
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Bio: An Investment banker from Toronto. Super excited to here. Would love to connect ! IG: damselsquill
Nastassja Brand
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Bio: business owner, single mom, going for the big picture :) IG themepage: @ceomompreneur
Kylah Hector
St Croix USVI
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Bio: New member excited for the journey ❀️
Joelle R
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Bio: πŸ‘©πŸΌMom, financial advisor, business owner and coach! Can't wait to meet other amazing fempreneursπŸ”₯ IG and TT πŸ“Switzerland, Lugano
Hélène Valcke
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Bio: From Belgium - living in Switzerland Mom of little baby boy Love to learn and develop myself - ready for a new adventure
Ashley Epperson
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Bio: πŸ’™Motivator, Travel Enthusiast, and Adventurer πŸ’™ IG - @empireswomenenvision
Gabbie Orozco
United States
β€’ Active 86d ago
Bio: Hi!!! πŸ₯³ My name is Gabbie, I live in the USA and I started my female positivity theme page @bosswomandiaries My goal is to reach 100K follows 🎯πŸ₯°
Irma Vasquez
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Bio: Irma Vasquez
Emma Brolund
β€’ Active 134d ago
Bio: A daytime lawyer who is also an aspiring entrepreneur and very passionate about mindset and self-development work. πŸ’« IG: Empoweredwomen.Inc
Livia Calegari
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Bio: Hey I am Livia from Switzerland and more than happy to be part of this group! :D
Desiree Grant
Miami, FL
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Bio: Designed for that Ferrari Life. Multi-Millionaire Status Loading. β™₯οΈπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’…πŸ’‹ Mom. Advocate. Forever Young.
Sharon Pimentel
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Bio: Budding entrepreneur in her 40s, looking to add value to lives around me. Jersey City, NJ girl trying to hustle out of the rat race.
Danielle Phillips
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Bio: I'll fill this out eventually...
Keisha Mason
Cayman Islands
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Bio: Keisha from the Caribbean! Cayman Islands, island girl vibes. Goal: 1st Millionaire in my family. Whats your version of paradise? Lets talk!
Esti Fridland
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Bio: Digital Nomad in my journey to build my empire
Georgiana-Alexandra Bodea
β€’ Active 63d ago
Bio: Hi. 😊 I am student and a software engineer. I am Excited to combine my knowledge with an online bussines
Maribel Franchesca
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Bio: Bio should be catchy, but I already got your attention 😜 I help women to turn their screentime into cashflow πŸ’Έ UAE, Dubai
Stephanie Garzon
Miami, FL
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Bio: IG: @stephaniegarzon // I β™‘ coffee, fitness, yoga, dancing, reading, all-things-design, entrepreneurship, the beach, traveling, and writing songs //
Janelle Simon
Vancouver, Canada
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Bio: New Learner
Vaishnavi Menon
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Bio: Hustling!
Valerie Djohan
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Bio: Hi! I'm a software engineer that’s aspiring to venture into Digital Marketing to switch careers and explore my creativity 🀍
Valeria Fiumano
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Bio: Luxembourg
Elin StrΓΆmberg
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Bio: -
Ashley Butler
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Bio: CEO | Physician | TEDx Speaker | Author | Forbes Contributor A woman becoming more than they had planned. Inviting others to join the journey.
Aisha Warsalee
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Bio: Time to make a dream reality… time & financial freedom here we go! Nottingham, United Kingdom
Brooke Tuttle
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Bio: Hi everyone! I am a recent college graduate, and I am thrilled to see what the future has in store for my family's e-commerce business!
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Nathalie Prestia
Hi guys, Nathalie from Switzerland πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ My goals are to be financially and geographically free ! Ready to crush and to make $$$πŸ€‘

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Joined Aug 21, 2023
Geneva, Switzerland
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