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Theofilos Lappas
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Bio: Really interested in Self-improvement so that I can apply everything I'll learn and create an abundant life
Borna Strmota
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Bio: 19.
Alkis Ntousias
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Bio: 17, Marketing, Fitness, Learning, Thinking 🧠
Nikolas Gogalis
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Bio: Student of life.
Giorgos Konstantopoulos
Athens,Greece • ENTJ
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Bio: •Youtuber •Synthesizer •Self-improvement •Learning and reading books •Learning calisthenics skills •Studying Sports science and physical education
Dimitris Prionas
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Bio: 16 Year Old, Orthodox Christian ☦️, Greece 🇬🇷, On Self Improvement to become a better version of myself.
Giannis Koukoumpas
Greece • ENTJ
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Bio: 🇬🇷
George Andreadakis
Thessaloniki/Greece • INTJ
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Bio: The Greek Copy Aikido. 18 yr from Greece. Working 25 hours/day. Member of the Real World - copywriter.
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Thanasis Ntellis
student of life

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