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Marc Jarrett
Horsham, UK
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Bio: Professional Networker. Runs 500+ WhatsApp groups. Endorsed by Meta and US Presidential Service Centre. Connection alchemist. Networker of the Year.
Dan Harrison
Kelowna BC β€’ ENFJ
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Bio: I help Health Creators Scale their online Coaching businesses to $30k/m in 16 weeks … without the grind.
Christopher Morris
Bristol UK β€’ ENFP
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Bio: Hypnotherapist & proud Dad of Alex. Passionate about making lives better, the natural world & travel. Looking for collaboration & opportunities.
Caroline Winkvist
Stockholm, Sweden
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Bio: Editor in Chief Brainz Magazine
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Naomi Nye
Naomi Nye is a coach for families seeking guidance for teens grappling with life pressures, addiction, or impulsive behavior.

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Joined May 4, 2024
Miami, Florida
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