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Matthew Lopez
Orlando, Florida
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Bio: Helped 400+ business owners LAUNCH & SCALE their high ticket offers by utilizing a simple 4-Step blueprint used by the TOP online marketing experts!
Anna K
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Bio: I love adventures! Learning about creative finance. Operate a STR. Plan to MTR and grow, grow, grow! Let’s connect!
Quateria Greene
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Bio: I’m looking to partner with a couple of landlords for a opportunity we both can benefit from.
Romina Grecu
Fort Lauderdale
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Bio: Hi everyone I feel grateful and blessed to be part of this community. I own an Airbnb in Fort Lauderdale .
Megan James
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Bio: U.S. Navy Veteran 🇺🇸 Full Time Midterm Rental Investor 🏡 Property Manger 🚪 Instagram:@meganrynaejames
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Mohammed Saadeh
Sub2 student looking to learn, grow and balance family life, love and religion!

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