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Alexis Brooks
• Active 306d ago
Bio: Pelvic Health Dietitian I help women with Endometriosis, PCOS and fibroids. I love food, language, nature, culture, and music
Adrienne Kawabata
• Active 151d ago
Bio: I’m a physical therapist and new mama. I want to establish myself in the running niche especially for new moms looking to get back in shape.
Katie Blanchard
Orland Park, IL
• Active 124d ago
Bio: I’m a physical therapist and I help kids with scoliosis reduce the progression of their curve, get stronger, and gain confidence! Schroth Method PT!💪
Alexis Brooks
Long Beach
• Active 446d ago
Bio: The Pelvic Health Dietitian. I’m a women’s health Registered dietitian based in LA that loves to travel and try new foods
Camille Fenwick
• Active 53d ago
Bio: I am a pelvic floor PT and owner of Indy Women PT in Indianapolis. I love working with postpartum moms and helping young women overcome pelvic pain.
Kamryn Brooks
• Active 269d ago
Bio: Nutrition and Dietetics Student CrossFit and Olympic Lifting
Taylor McNair
• Active 214d ago
Bio: PT with a solo cash based practice in Asheville, NC. I treat in person ortho/women's health patients and I'm bringing Low Pressure Fitness to AVL
Katie Krieg
• Active 204d ago
Bio: I'm a registered dietitian with a passion for sharing tasty bites, beautiful sites and inspiring others to become the best versions of themselves.
Meredith Kleinhenz
Portland Oregon • ENTJ
• Active 265d ago
Bio: I am a Savvy Dietitian and want to help busy moms eat well and stress less about feeding their families with smarter not harder strategies.
Greg Todd
Indian Rocks Beach
• Active 7d ago
Bio: Creator of the Smart Success Healthcare Community. Co-Owner of Smart Virtual Staff & Renewal Rehabilitation. Daddy to 4 kiddos. Husband to Mrs. Todd
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Miranda Morris
A PT helping moms to feel more connected with themselves and their family! Proud mom to my 3 year old daughter and wife of a firefighter/paramedic.

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Joined Mar 12, 2023
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