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Ankur Chaudhary
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Bio: Hello Everyone, My name is Ankur and I am from India. I am a parent of our lovely 21 month old son Kuku
Louie Wong
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Bio: h i
Silky Maboke
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Bio: I am a mom.
Gogo Pauk
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Bio: Parent of toddler.
David Varner
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Bio: Son is Blake, 3yrs old
Heena Shaikh
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Bio: I am a mother 3 and my youngest is on spectrum he is 3 and half years old.He is non verbal.He does speak couple words only sometimes though.I would l
Ana Abendan
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Bio: 📍Philippines | Ausome Mom
Jay Freg
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Bio: Hi
Raj Bhangal
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Irish Petiluna
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Bio: I'm an aunt of Autistic kid.
Yangchin Angchi
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Bio: Hello! I am Yangchin
Vardhani Chamarthi
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Bio: Vc
Aditya Reddy
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Bio: Parent
Anna Pik
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Getu Mulu
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Bio: Getu
Hycinth Dela Cruz
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Bio: Mother of 4 kids and my youngest now is turning 3 years old have a difficulties in communicating.
Lovely dyanne Tuliao
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Bio: want to learn new things
Caneisha Frazier
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Amirah Mashudi
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Bio: A mother of a son. A mother who struggles to have work life balance.
Danica Certeza
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Bio: Mommy of a 4 year old boy. Hope to learn all the tools from this group to help him with his speech in order to communicate his wants and needs.
Isabella Yusay
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Bio: Mother of a 16month baby girl
Mary Ann Delfinado
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Bio: Mother of 3year-old
Jesse Nieves
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Andrew Burek
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Glady Thabah
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Bio: Hi
Brenda Shimane
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Kaelyn Brooks
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Bio: Hi! I'm looking forward to helping kids learn speech & meeting you all! :)
Jacqueline Avila
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Ron Tain
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Bio: I have a two year old son who is speech delayed. He has about 10 words, but is communicating non-verbally.
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Ming Fung
I help parents teach their speech-delayed children

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