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Nicole Prentice
Tampa, Florida
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Bio: I love skincare, haircare, self-care, caffeine, trying new things, and traveling. I don't eat meat, eggs, pineapple, or bananas but I do love food!
Carnel Senter
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Bio: Just trying to make a living in the hellscape to make the world a better place.
Terry Cline
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Bio: Just getting my feet wet.
Natasha Roper
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Bio: Iโ€™m a wife and mom. I love fashion, cooking, makeup, cleaning, crafting, 3d printing, decorating, product testing, most of all spending time with fam.
Rita Kotecha
united kingdom
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Bio: Responsible for finding potential customers, including through attending industry events, internet searches, customer referrals, etc.
William Stewart
Las Vegas, Salt Lake City
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Bio: I help entrepreneurs become healthier, wealthier, happier, and more secure without the confusion, misguidance and, disappointments of personal growth.
Lilly Moyes
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Bio: Gold Coast based full time UGC creator
Sherah Wiley
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Bio: I am currently a TT Shop Affiliate that is wanting to learn more about UGC.
Rex Kelly
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Bio: Seasoned content creator with a passion for storytelling and marketing. Expert in home, garden, pets, wellness, and beauty. Let's create magic!
Dvd Chngrs
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Bio: CO living and skiing
Nickie Simon
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Bio: Once I learn I love to help ๐Ÿค—
Luana Lorenco
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Bio: Luana Lorenco
Deric Cabrera
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Bio: Hardworking , dedicated individual
Gemma Kelly
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Bio: Mum of 4 ready to learn and make TikTok my full time income
Marcela Lazaro
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Bio: I'm Marcela, a work-from-home mom passionate about my pets, interior design, and online shopping for stylish finds to spruce up our cozy nest!
Richard Tran
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Bio: Started off a videographer. Moving into running an SMMA selling videos to my clients.
Jessica Eklund
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Bio: Wife and mom of two.
Lauri Lacey
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Bio: Digital Marketing Newbie from Nebraska!
Elisiane Da Silva-Taylor
Los Angeles, California
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Bio: Business and wellness development creator. My audience seeks me out for inspiration and to learn how to get healthier and fit in a sustainable way.
Ida Mhunduru
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Bio: I am a mom content, creator, author, and fiction podcaster. Iโ€™m so excited to be on this journey!
Luke Darling
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Bio: TCB
Owen Grossi
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Bio: TikTok shop affiliate๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ
Hillary Bazyk
Little Rock, AR
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Bio: JennAndHillGoโ€ขContent Creatorsโ€ขBest Friendsโ€ขMoms over 40
Nicole Gueck
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Bio: Wife, mom, commercial insurance agent and business owner. Aggie Class of '00. Looking for ways to work less, play more & make more money.
Tatiana Michalik
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Bio: A new UGC creator excited to learn in this growing industry!
Mary Kayseryan
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Bio: Hello! My name is Mary Rita Kay, I am a current Radiology Technologist & I want to make Digital Marketing my full time job aside from being an RT.
Stacey Healey
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Bio: Happy to be here!
Michael Aragon
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Bio: 32 years young, husband and father of 4 incredible kids. Passionate about everything coffee and everything people.
Karin Hutchinson
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Bio: I am a mom to two beautiful teenagers and I own I am looking to expand my digital marketing skills through TikTok shop
Shana Lynn
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Bio: Interested in creating digital products
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Mike Rama
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