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Ryszard Blaszczyk
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Jacek Figula
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Bio: Jacek Figuła, Chief of Sales of Billon, a company that reinvented Distributed Ledger Technology. Also investor and advisor to cybersecurity companies.
Kamila Sosnowska
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Bio: Project Manager, Billon
Wes Welch
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Robert Kaluza
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Simone Bottan
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Bio: Healthtech Entrepreneur
Luvisia Molenje
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Walt Pistor
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Bio: Founder and CEO of
Dave Haldi
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Bio: President & CEO of Credit Gnomes, "The Payment Reporting Experts" with 29 years of sales and marketing experience - 3x founder
Ghassen Benhadjsalah
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Bio: Serial tech entrepreneur | AI native | Blockchain enthusiast
Sam Enoka
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Bio: Founder & CEO of Greensparc
Anna Raafat
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Bio: I am the co-founder & COO of inncivio, an AI-powered education platform for businesses
Aaron Sutherland
Los Angeles, CA
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Bio: Founder of Jetsetter: Explore destinations, iconic landmarks, hotels/resorts and more using the Apple Vision Pro; then book seamlessly in real time.
Jake Shild
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Bio: Founder & CEO of LandSkyAI, a turnkey provider of automated solutions for safety and security. Our goal is to make the adoption of robotics simple.
William Finch
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Bio: Life Science Management for more than 30 years
Ed Goluch
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Bio: Founder and CEO of QSM Diagnostics. We make diagnosing common cat and dog illnesses easier and faster.
Stanley Kim
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Bio: Stanley Kim is the CEO/co-founder of WinSanTor, a biotech developing neuro-regenerative drugs to one day, hopefully, cure peripheral neuropathy.
Aronin Ponnappan
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Bio: The Robotics startup founder loves to meet new people and specializes in testing platforms (b2b hardware-oriented software business).
Michael Rogers
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Rico Martin
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Bio: Founder and head of Sales and Marketing. Have over 22 years of experience in senior IT roles with Blue chip companies such as BMW and Sap.
Rupert Mayer
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Bio: Serial entrepreneur in B2B software who has pivoted into climate tech; currently running the business side of YouSolar.
Jonathan Holland
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Bio: CEO at Buttery
Marie DeCosse
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Bio: The home exchange founder with a passion for equitable travel.
Jean Moncrieff
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Bio: Jean is an entrepreneur, investor, and business growth coach. He coaches CEOs and leadership teams working toward a high-value exit.
Adi Reschenhofer
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Bio: Currently Co-Founder and CEO at Cybertrap. Serial Entrepreneur, successful exit with a cybersecurity services company in 2018. Loves customer success.
Jaewoo Kim
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Bio: He, CEO/CTO for Naieel Technology founded by himself in 2015, leads the commercialization of Boron Nitride Nanotubes and its industrial applications.
Jay Shah
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Bio: Helping place catering orders for 15-100+ people in a matter of minutes. No prior experience or knowledge necessary. #justDiceit
Esther Corvil
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Bio: Esther here first time founder
John Kelly
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Payhuan Shiao
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Bio: Serial founder/creator/producer.
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