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Etsy Scam
FYI Received this in my Etsy inbox as well as my email associated with Etsy. The email did not have the "From Etsy" below the subject line. Just thought some of you might want to know about possible Etsy scams.
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Etsy Scam
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@Donnie Maynard Christianson, I thought it was real until I researched Etsy scams and then went to Etsy for more information. They are getting more sophisticated, and it won't be long before they figure out the From Etsy.
Start here! - 🌟 Welcome to AI Business Mastermind! 🌟
Hello, and a huge welcome to all our new members! We're thrilled to have you join our vibrant community of AI enthusiasts and artists. 💡 This group is a melting pot of ideas, skills, and creativity, all centered around the fascinating world of AI and AI art. ❌ This group is not for self-promotion or spam! But if you created a product or service that can benefit our members, please send me a DM with a short description and a link to it. There will be possibilities to promote it, if it is a good fit for our group. Please check our different categories and write your posts assigned to a category. If you don't see your desired category, you can message me your request, but we will try to keep things simple. - General Discussion - Paid AI Business Mastermind - Ask a question - Make money with AI - Image prompts - Announcements - ChatGPT prompts - AI Tips & Tricks ❤️ To kick things off, we'd love for each of you to introduce yourselves in the comments below. Sharing a bit about yourself not only helps us get to know you better but also enables you to connect with fellow members who share similar interests or challenges. Here’s a quick template to get you started:
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Start here! - 🌟 Welcome to AI Business Mastermind! 🌟
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@Eve Armstrong Welcome
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@David Akopian welcome. We were neighbors once as I lived in Qatar for awhile.
First Sale
I had my first customer sale on Etsy. The product bought was a surprise, as it was just listed late last week. It will be fun to see if the product gets more sales. If so, I will do more of the design. I started listing my products (12) at the beginning of June and added 2 in July so far. Thanks, @Stella Sky, for the private consultations. Couldn't have done it without help!
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Thanks @Donnie Maynard Christianson I appreciate it.
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@Stella Sky it is awesome. Thank you!
I tried some Enchanted Jungle Box prompts in Nightcafe & Starry AI...
With some modification, of course, like changing the hair color and swapping out background elements. I really like the Nightcafe results here, the DreamShaper model is great at illustrative styles. Having a lot of fun with these! Here are two images from Nightcafe (DreamShaper XL Alpha 2 model), and two from Starry AI (StyleVision XL model).
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I tried some Enchanted Jungle Box prompts in Nightcafe & Starry AI...
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Very interesting results between the two. I like Nightcafe for certain things. Starry for me has not impressed me. To be honest I haven't used in sometime.
Share your images with prompts here!
We all want to learn new things! Please share your images with prompts here. Encourage other members to experiment with your prompts and share new variations in the comments! With such #promptshares I grew my following on Twitter/X to 3000 friends in a short time! Add to your prompt which AI art generator you used and any specifics, that are needed. Experiment, learn & share! Active participation will unlock some of my courses! Midjourney V6 prompt for this image: Romulo Royo, Lucia Rafanelli, Art Nouveau, photorealistic portrait of a beautiful smiling woman with short red hair, asymmetrical hair, golden lace dress, front view, looking at the night sky, text in the sky: "3000" above her head in light-blue color made of stars, magic --chaos 20 --ar 4:5 --stylize 800 --v 6
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Share your images with prompts here!
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Took my inspiration today from this bear. a teddy bear in the style of romero britto --ar 1:1 --v 6.0
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Playing around with Superhero's last night. Created some interesting images. Even tried a few sref. Rainbow Batman full body, hyper detailed armor, unreal render, detailed, golden floral designs, arcane magic energy gradually seeping out, glowing energy, 8K, electric blue eyes --ar 9:8 --sref --stylize 850
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