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My first affiliate program - 25% commissions for you!
I am launching my first affiliate program for my new Midourney course for beginners! The only requirement is to be a customer of this product! If you are a customer, you will find a new page in the Welcome section of the course, which explains all details and provides the link to join! (Don't share this link outside, this is only for customers! If you would like to promote this course, make sure to buy access here on Skool and apply! After approval, you can start promoting your link and getting commissions! Are you on board? Also, you don't need a huge following; you never know if one of your first 10 followers will click your link and buy!
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My first affiliate program - 25% commissions for you!
I absolutely plan to add this once I have my website launched! :) It may take me another month before I do so, but I think it would be a great addition to promote to my customers.
Color Palettes from ChatGPT
I've been using ChatGPT for many months now to create sets of color palettes with hex codes. Today I tried something different. I asked ChatGPT to describe this image. Then I asked for a color palette. It took several minutes, and it paused a few times, but ultimately provided an analysis of the character with RGB colors. I then asked for a conversion to hex colors. It was able to provide those. It runs several Python scripts, there's a bit of commentary from ChatGPT, and then it summarizes and provides the results. The entire analysis is way too long to post here, however, here is how I asked: First, I uploaded the character image below. I asked: "Hi, can you please describe this character?" After receiving the description, I replied: "Thanks! Is it possible to generate a basic color palette from this image?" (I'm always polite in my responses. Yeah, I know, it's weird 😆) In the first response, it returned all grays. The interesting thing to me is that it knew this was not the important parts of the image, and in the third image, you can see its response. Ultimately, it provided four colors, with hex codes. While this is really useful, I think it's a lot faster for me to just open the image in Milanote and extract the colors with the eyedropper tool. BUT - this is a fantastic Python script for automatic palette extraction, and it's still extremely useful. I think if it could run the analysis just a little bit faster, and I ask for the hex codes in the initial request, it will be faster than manually pulling the colors. In the last image, I added color swatches in the Milanote app, using the colors provided by ChatGPT. Hope this is useful or interesting to someone! Ultimately I use these images with color swatches for mood boards and reference when working on non-ai art like sculpting or painting, etc.
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Color Palettes from ChatGPT
@Michael Carmine awesome Michael! Let me know how it goes!
Share your images with prompts here!
We all want to learn new things! Please share your images with prompts here. Encourage other members to experiment with your prompts and share new variations in the comments! With such #promptshares I grew my following on Twitter/X to 3000 friends in a short time! Add to your prompt which AI art generator you used and any specifics, that are needed. Experiment, learn & share! Active participation will unlock some of my courses! Midjourney V6 prompt for this image: Romulo Royo, Lucia Rafanelli, Art Nouveau, photorealistic portrait of a beautiful smiling woman with short red hair, asymmetrical hair, golden lace dress, front view, looking at the night sky, text in the sky: "3000" above her head in light-blue color made of stars, magic --chaos 20 --ar 4:5 --stylize 800 --v 6
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Share your images with prompts here!
Landscapes with StarryAI: Prompt: image of a beautiful alien planet landscape with mountains, forest, and a lake. The background is a blend of warm tones, primarily golds with some blues, creating a dramatic and adventurous atmosphere. Style preset: StyleVisionXL Image 1 - initial generation Image 2 - image 1 Enhanced with a strength of 1 and the Illustration preset.
@Michael Carmine thanks Michael!
Etsy Scam
FYI Received this in my Etsy inbox as well as my email associated with Etsy. The email did not have the "From Etsy" below the subject line. Just thought some of you might want to know about possible Etsy scams.
New comment 6d ago
Etsy Scam
I've received this same email as well. Besides not having the "From Etsy", this one is actually pretty well done and I can see folks falling for this. Eventually they'll figure out how to imitate that From Etsy feature, so I always go directly to the site anytime I see one of these. Thanks for posting this Michael.
First Sale
I had my first customer sale on Etsy. The product bought was a surprise, as it was just listed late last week. It will be fun to see if the product gets more sales. If so, I will do more of the design. I started listing my products (12) at the beginning of June and added 2 in July so far. Thanks, @Stella Sky, for the private consultations. Couldn't have done it without help!
New comment 10d ago
Awesome Michael, congratulations!🎉
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