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Michaelene Kearney
Sandy Springs, Ga.
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Bio: Pediatric Occupational business owner
Marangela Prysiazny
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Bio: PT, PhD student. Interested in creating a program offering geriatric wellness, balance/falls prevention, vestibular. Mom of 2, love to eat and travel.
Chak Man Lam
• Active 127d ago
Bio: My name is Chakman. And I help CashPTs grow & automate so they have more TIME to do what they LOVE.
Alexis Brooks
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Bio: Pelvic Health Dietitian I help women with Endometriosis, PCOS and fibroids. I love food, language, nature, culture, and music
Dani Dye
Forest Park, IL
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Bio: Licensed DPT still learning about what I am capable of and how I can serve. Following what resonates with me and connecting the dots along the way.
Jessica Song
• Active 126d ago
Bio: I am a traveling physical therapist aspiring to get out of this rat race!
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Meghan Rohde
I’m a physical therapist, educator, and passionate about helping women become their best selves…including me!

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Joined Feb 25, 2023
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