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Video: week in the life - first AAA meetup in Amsterdam | VLOG
I’ve never done this kind of video before! 🫣 Sharing a bit more of my personal life with you by vlogging our recent Accelerator event in Amsterdam and some of my week as an AI entrepreneur. Watch here 👇🏼 Leave comments if you want more of this type of video! Liam 💪🏼
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Great video! Thank you for sharing and congratulations again on all your success and that of the community as well. It's wonderful to see.
IMPORTANT: Does anyone have a working version of the Solar Calculator AI Agent that Liam created last year?
Hi. I've got a large solar company prospect that is interested in many AI Solution approaches. One of the first he wants to do is AI Systems Engineering for various solar facilities. This is very similar to the Youtube that Liam posted last year ( Does anyone have a working model of that AI Agent that I could use to do a quick LOOM Video to show him/them how it works? Thanks!
I am gonna throw it out there that we are all doing this pricing thing wrong... Here me out ... It seems to me we are now basically digital AI recruitment consultants in some sense... we may automate etc... but the function here is an employee with an hourly rate doing a function. So in that sense each AI employee needs an hourly rate... like any other piece of the business performing a function . so idea, each digital employee get a $20 an bour to answer calls, redirect and take notes based on the call? Goes down to $10 an hour after hours to keep clients happy and redirect any emergencies.. that's is 8 x 20 = 160 & downtime 16x10 = 160 Total 320 a day... minus small costs... Pretty scalable ... pus you'd obvs set up a 20k :) setup cost to onboard this digital employee and i think you could accept cost of support in the the hourly rate, OR charge a retainer...
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Very interesting Stuart. I think very solid. Do you charge them for weekends also? It seems that you should just curious. This approach certainly simplifies things.
Ways to use AI Sales caller to study Consumer Psychology and upsell....
I got on a discovery call with an E-Commerce owner who is looking forward to implement AI and he has piles of data. So he wants to use AI Callers along with Whatsapp Chatbot to study the customer and upsell the customer. Can you guys please share ideas of what sort of systems can we implement in this case?
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I heard recently, and posted something about this, the ability to create a second AI agent that simply watches the interactions between the first primary AI agent and your prospect or Customer… For every utterance it asked the question “this statement is already in the knowledge base,“ and then create either TRUE, or FALSE response. if the response is true, everything just continues to work on the primary path. If the responses generated as “false” then that utterance from the prospect, client and the AI system is logged into a separate table to be reviewed. Upon review the decision can be made , which of these new items to build back into the primary knowledge base. This seems like a brilliant tool to me for a number of reasons, including understanding, psychology. The same utilization pointed towards an outbound, AI agent, making calls and logging every other and every interaction would give you a very good idea very quickly , what kind of objections were being, kind of barriers are being met, what kind of reflex responses were being uttered, etc. This is priceless information in terms of being able to build scripting to work around those and gain further traction, new accounts, revenue and profits. Thank you for raising the topic. I think it’s an important one.
Video: How I Replaced My Assistant With AI
Do we need assistants anymore or can we make AI do all the work for them? 🤔 In this video I made an AI chatbot to try to replace my assistant using Make, Voiceflow and Flowbridge (to connect to Whatsapp). This tool allows me to analyze and track my expenses on my Notion. Resources: Flowbridge: - Use code LIAMOTTLEY - gives first time customers the first month for free of their premium plan. It expires on the 17th of May (end of day) - NOTE: Not a sponsored video, the Flowbridge team are from the community and they hooked us up! Flowbridge GPTV Function: Flowbridge Whatsapp Voicenote Function: Notion Charts: Attached Files: - Template - Voiceflow Template Watch here 👇🏼 Liam 💪🏼
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I'm getting a message that "the referral code is invalid"... Just fyi.
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@Marguerite Lalonde I did not. Thanks for pointing that out.
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