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Where is the "10K in 30 Days" guide they're supposed to get in their first email? (that it refers to on the lead capture page?)
I searched the other group, but couldn't find it. There's a line that we're supposed to make clickable in the first email so they can access it immediately. Where is it please?
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@Juliet Alvarado Hey Juliet, do you know if we're able to send that as an attachment in the email system, or do we somehow need to make it a link? (I'm not sure how to do that?)
How do we get capture page to appear as our domain with nothing after the .com/?
@Elise Smith @Aly Porter yours is simply … how do you do that? Ours is showing up with the numbers after it … did you do that through “forwarding” or what?
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I figured it out thanks a bunch
payment links on sales page in new window or the same window?
I'm watching "How To Edit Your Sales Page Website & Buttons Part 2" and I noticed that sometimes when the gal is demonstrating how to paste the links she's got "open in new window" chosen, and other times it's "open in same window". Which is best to choose? @Elise Smith
Do we need to upgrade our
I was trying to import the capture page link but got this error message on You have exceeded multiple limits on your current plan (funnel steps). <a href="">Upgrade your plan</a> to get more resources. I guess with the free plan it only gives 15 funnel steps. I'm not even sure how many this has. Do I need to upgrade as they say? I will, but want to be sure I'm not doing anything wrong, because I thought the free version should take care of it? @Elise Smith Working on this now ... 🙏
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@Elise Smith I didn't have any before, this is all brand new and I only uploaded what they've given so far.
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ok, thank you. watched ... appreciate your help.
how to put terms and no refund statement on our stripe checkout pages
I would definitely like to put a "no refund" and the other terms on my stripe check out pages, how can we do that? (it doesn't bring the option up automatically, but I'm sure there's a way)
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@Elise Smith I'm working on this now. I just posted another question. I tried to open the link I need for this step "How To Import Your Capture Page Template Into Your Account & Change The Background" But got an error message saying I need to upgrade my account because not enough funnel steps. I see I've so far used 13/15, and only 15 are free, could this page I'm trying to open have many steps? I don't mind upgrading, just want to be sure I have to. How many actual "funnel steps" does this funnel have, and DO I need to upgrade?
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@Elise Smith are you referring to the video you did 3 days ago? This is a picture of the only 2 funnels I currently have … I shouldn’t delete those right? It’s saying I have “too many funnel steps” (I’d prefer not to have to watch a 25 minute video to find … do you know about where?)
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