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Bio: Speaker, Consultant, Publicly Engaged sCHOLAr
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Kevin Desrosiers
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Bio: Author | Speaker | Coach
Lee Roberts
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Princess Millens
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Bio: Author-Speaker-Education Consultant
Kathryn Regganie
South Carolina
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Bio: Supporting women to develop emotional intelligence to the point of unbreakable Resilience.
Kelechi Jaavaid
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Bio: Kelechi Jaavaid is changing lives with his inspiring and motivating message, of powering up one’s love energy. But most importantly using love to live
Patric Timmermans
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Bio: Why should Engineering and Marketing have luck together.
Shanalee Sharboneau
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Bio: Raised in Texas, Shanalee is an acclaimed children’s book author and personality of the reality TV series Only in Iola.
Marguerite Baca
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Bio: Marguerite, actress, comedian and creator of the the Buns of Steel Yoga video shares fun spiritual practices and principles for conscious creation.
Loka Pandya
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Bio: Real Estate Investor and Keynote Speaker on Joy
Nikki Green
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Bio: Nikki Green is a Life & Business Resiliency Expert and 4x published author. Her greatest passion is empowering people to reach their fullest potential
Andrew Mellen
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Bio: The Most Organized Man in America
Isaac S
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Bio: Isaac S.
Mike Lee
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Bio: No time to waste on people that are not listening
Peter Bielagus
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Bio: Peter Bielagus is a financial author & speaker who has delivered over 1000 presentations to over 100,000 students, servicemembers, and professionals.
Deborah Ivanoff
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Bio: I help professionals who are ready for a big leap, overcome the most difficult, often hidden, sabotage to the change process, the Resistance Cycle™
Elizabeth Clamon
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Bio: I’m straight from the backwoods and bayous of Louisiana, a southern hot-mess who is an avid motorcycle-riding grandma of six and serial entrepreneur.
Bruce Babashan
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Bio: Coach Bruce is a former senior corporate executive who remade his life, chased his passion, and became a world-renowned professional
Cody Last
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Bio: Best selling author/speaker/MC/marketing executive
Tyler Cerny
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Bio: International High Ticket Sales Expert with over $5M sales produced.
Charlie Seraphin
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Bio: Senior radio broadcaster and professional sports executive seeks to enlighten and entertain audiences with a program titled "How To Fix The World."
Rich Redmond
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Bio: Rich is a speaker, author, educator and actor. Jason Aldean’s drummer for 25 years. Clients: Cisco, HP, J+J, etc.
Ken Hartley
Chattanooga, TN • ENTJ
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Bio: Ken Hartley, CSP® is a keynote speaker, illusionist, & singer, who empowers you to look past what you see and believe and achieve your new reality.
Kevin Alexander
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Bio: Founder of Speaker University & The Speaker Solution
Haleema Sarsilmaz
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Bio: 🤑 𝙃𝙚𝙡𝙥𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙥𝙚𝙤𝙥𝙡𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙢𝙖𝙠𝙚𝙚 $$ 🫰🏻 Motivational Speaker 💫 Psychological Counseller 😎 Business Consultant 🤩 Open for opportunity
Jerry McCormick
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Bio: Jerry McCormick has an extensive background in workplace safety/violence prevention. De-Escalation/Conflict. He has give 1700 talks in 20 countries.
Michael Reese
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Lois Letchford
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Bio: Lois Letchford’s dyslexia came to light when she faced teaching her son, Nicholas. She shares her insights & passion for literacy success.
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