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Use this app for E-mail marketing + Automations
In this video I explain how I use GoHighLevel app to - build my E-mail list (opt-in pages, manually adding new contacts) - manage my E-mail list contacts (know who is just a lead, who is interested in knowing more about the membership, who is already a member, who is a 1-1 coaching client) - do automations (Example: sending E-mail sequences to an existing list to see who is interested in knowing more about the membership, and when someone clicks, take them off this E-mail sequence and send them the promotional E-mail sequence to sell them into the membership or You can connect it to Skool: when someone pays through Skool, Skool can send a contact to GoHighLevel and tags them Paid Member) - manage existing customers (make notes, follow up with who is not showing up to the weekly calls, etc...) I have created a SNAPSHOT of all the opt-ing pages, email sequences + automations that you would need to launch your membership: - Build a waitlist of people (8-step E-mail sequence + Content plan) - Launch the founding members group (8-step E-mail sequence) - How to Automate it all for ongoing automatic growth If you would like me to send you this snapshot and help you install it into your GoHighLevel, you can message me I am also looking for another person who I will work with on results basis and help you set this all up for you/with you Message me and we can chat how to grow your membership together
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Use this app for E-mail marketing + Automations
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snapshot and would like to know more about this program
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hey. so sorry i can't come today. it is memorial day weekend here in the USA and I live at the beach and so people always come to visit. i will rearrange my schedule to be on tuesday's call
List building + Membership growth E-mails/Content posts
I have worked on creating the templates for: 1) Sending E-mails out to the existing E-mail list, and posting on social media to build a WAITLIST/INTEREST list of people who are interested in knowing more about the membership community that you are opening/or you are running - OUTCOME - What are the results/outcomes/desires your community will help them accomplish? - SOLUTION - What solution are you trying to get your audience to believe in? - THE COMMUNITY - What details of your community will you tease? Why should they be excited about it? - PROBLEM - What is the single biggest pain point your customer is experiencing? - 3 BENEFITS - What are THREE juicy benefits they could experience in the community? - 1 MAIN LEVERAGE BELIEF - What is that 1 thing that can change their life forever? - ALREADY ON THE LIST? - Make sure to get request info right now! - LAST CALL! - If you would like to know more about the community, this is the last invitation! 2) Sending E-mails out to your WAITLIST and also posting on social media to Launch your first founding members group (special offer), and after you launched your first group, these E-mails can be adjusted to become Evergreen automated E-mail sequence that is automatically sent out to a new interested lead, and it automatically gets them buy into your membership - SPECIAL OFFER - You can now join the community as a Founding Member/Special offer - What value/incentive are you adding? WHY? - SHIFT FOREVER - What struggle, fear, or doubt are you validating for your reader? But did you know that this idea/solution can shift it for you forever! - WHY THIS PROGRAM - What makes your product or service unique/better/different? WHY buy your product/service? What credibility, results, or experience builds your authority? - PROOF - Select THREE testimonials, reviews, or case studies to feature, or talk about your own Story/Experience - URGENCY - How much time is left until your special offer expires? When will this offer be available again? What are the bonuses, guarantees, risk reversals of your offer? - OBJECTION - Pick ONE objection to address that is most relevant to your customer right now - SCARCITY - 3 more spots available. Get 1-1 session with me where we create a custom “transformational” plan just for you! Limited! Claim right now! - LAST CHANCE FOR THE SPECIAL OFFER - At 12pm tonight, the bonuses of the special offer won’t be available any more!
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templates 😄
Membership offer
Here's my first draft for membership offer. feedback appreciated. Welcome to Rise Radiantly with Martha Community! Join our supportive community and gain access to valuable educational resources to guide you on your wellness journey. At the Invest In Your Wellness Academy, we're dedicated to helping you achieve the best health ever. Our topics cover a wide range of subjects, including nutrition, fitness, stress management, and more. By joining our community, you'll: ✅Gain valuable support and guidance on your wellness journey. There are a lot of factors to achieve optimal health and you have got to know what to do. ✅Receive expert education on topics that directly impact your health. Be the leader on health in your circle. ✅Connect with like-minded individuals who are also committed to improving their well-being. Great sharing experiences to grow. We like to say Better Together. ✅Access information and resources you can use right away to make positive changes in your life. Join us today and rise radiantly towards your wellness goals with Martha and our supportive community!
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Membership offer
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Working on that
Membership Offer Description
Would like some feedback on my offer thank you .. 🌟 Welcome to the Ozempic - Mournjaro Skool Community, your premier destination for support and guidance on your wellness journey! Our community is dedicated to helping individuals and practitioners maximize their weight loss efforts with Ozempic-Mournjaro or natural weight loss programs while addressing past traumas that may be hindering progress. Joining us for FREE grants you access to: 1. Expert guidance on selecting the FDA-approved medication best suited to your needs. 2. Proven meal plans designed to set you up for success. 3. Insights into how trauma and stress can impact weight loss. 4. Understanding the role of toxins in triggering weight loss resistance. 5. Strategies for managing stress to promote rest and mitigate the effects of stress hormones. 6. Exclusive access to flat-rate, real U.S. providers at a 70% discount off retail prices. 7. Membership in a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Join us today and take the first step towards achieving your goals!
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good copy. saw something recently about doing bullet points. people apparently like them. I am seeing the trend is no numbers but those little green tics beside each point. you want to look up to date with the industry and it is easier reading as well. ✅
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I would also put a break between free and grants. first I thought that a free grant would be available to me. lol
Membership Offer Description
Hi everyone! I'd like to share the membership offer description that I would like to use for my group. Any and all feedback is welcome! The purpose of Lotis Health Garden is to provide you with a framework to take control of your health, overcome cravings, so you can have a life in which you”ll never have to diet again! - Join, right now! ✨✨✨ As part of this program you will be guided through: #1 Understanding the emotional reasons behind your cravings #2 Readjusting your cravings through proven methods #3 Learn healthier replacement behaviors to address the underlying emotional reasons for your cravings You will receive access to: ✅ Private Community of other like-minded individuals who are also working on achieving a better health ✅ Being guided through the HEALING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD Course ✅ Weekly Q/A, Coaching Calls with a nutritionist - Ask your questions during our live Zoom calls, where you get pointed in the right direction ✅ Priority Support: DM's, Community forum 👉Join now for $19 a month, and start taking the first steps
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@kevin are the course and program the same thing? you meantion being guided through twice. I was wondering if you could really make a big deal out of your course and then the rest of the items are and in addition to. and are you the nutritionist. if so you are the one bringing the value not just any nutritionist. is there a way to rephrase that to make you the expert!
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