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  • Peter Gotzoll
    • Active 6h ago
    Bio: Hi, i'm Peter. I founded Monkey 2012. We are a production studio for innovative content, advertising and marketing based in Berlin.
  • Daniel Beresh
    • Active 19h ago
    Bio: Owner of Daniel Beresh Pictures. Former commercial director turned agency owner. Lives in Toronto.
  • Stu Hershey Sufrin
    • Active 19h ago
    Bio: Creative Director @
  • Antonio Souza
    • Active 34d ago
    Bio: I love exploring the limits of 3D in motion, singing and jiu-jitsu
  • Jack Last
    • Active 28d ago
    Bio: Hey 👋 I'm Jack, a motion designer with a passion for storytelling—founder of OK Social.
  • Manuel Fernandez
    • Active 93d ago
    Bio: Creative Production + Operations | Digital and Social Content | Enabling Creativity
  • Roberto Inderbitzin
    Zurich, Switzerland
    • Active 10d ago
    Bio: Designer & founder of REFRAME Lecturer at universities Former jury member 4 prestigious awards Consultant Host of "Conversations with Roberto" podcast
  • Joe Rule
    • Active 21h ago
    Bio: Owner of Raconteur Animation - 3D/VR for industrial and tech companies
  • Patrick Scerri
    • Active 65d ago
    Bio: Executive Producer at Hero Studios
  • Alejandro Norman
    • Active 30d ago
    Bio: EP/CD @ Hero Studios
  • David W Valentin
    • Active 123d ago
    Bio: San Francisco Bay Area Producer, VFX/VES guy, Mentor to Next Gen talent and I love Dogs. Big Marko Fan.
  • Roméo Belin
    • Active 84d ago
    Bio: CTO at Outercraft
  • Rhys Tomlinson
    • Active 133d ago
    Bio: Branding design and strategy
  • Margaux Cardetti
    • Active 54d ago
    Bio: Hello, I am Margaux, project Manager at OUTERCRAFT.
  • Florian Auger
    • Active 50d ago
    Bio: Founder and Design Director of OUTERCRAFT global design agency specializing in hardware products.
  • Benjamin Neubauer
    • Active 134d ago
    Bio: Co-Founder and COO of EVOMECS
  • Marco Luedtke
    • Active 142d ago
    Bio: Sales rookie
  • Lars Fischer
    • Active 163d ago
    Bio: .
  • Jochen Masching
    • Active 57d ago
    Bio: I tell stories in films for companies who want to succed.
  • Justin Cone
    • Active 178d ago
    Bio: Just a guy trying to do the right thing (most of the time)
  • Emmanuel B
    Digital Nomad 🏖☀️
    • Active 19h ago
    Bio: 😃 WebDev (JS/TS/Vue3)
  • Xenia Haumer
    • Active 180d ago
    Bio: d
  • Jon Shelley
    • Active 144d ago
    Bio: Founder ZeroSixOne We help brands explore the metaverse.
  • Jarrod Allen
    • Active 98d ago
    Bio: Dadeo on the double
  • Adam Gill
    • Active 5d ago
    Bio: I'm a motion designer, creative director, and dad of two. I like fancy coffee, dumb comedies, and shiny things.
  • Daniel Neale
    Byron Bay Australia
    • Active 204d ago
    Bio: Creative director, ideas, stories and motion design.
  • Rian Verhagen
    • Active 225d ago
    Bio: .
  • Khalil Muhammad
    Buffalo, NY • ISFJ
    • Active 58m ago
    Bio: PBS Council Member & BAKND Warrior. Our Family Motto is 'Be The Example and Not The Excuse' - Videographer, Editor, Websites - TikTok @khalilarashid
  • Andrew Essam
    • Active 111d ago
    Bio: 3D Artist / Product Visualization
  • Nikhil John
    • Active 237d ago
    Bio: I am the Co Founder of Ares Studio We are a Creative Studio with a good expertise in Unreal Engine
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