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  • Konstantine Theodor
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    Bio: Partner in wealth management practice.
  • Mike Hennessey
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    Bio: .
  • Mitchell Miranda
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    Bio: I'm an analytical individual that likes to challenge myself with puzzles, quizzes, problems or riddles.
  • Mark Soloperto
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    Bio: I am a financial advisor from Waltham, Ma who enjoys family time, playing golf and rooting for the Celtics
  • Josh Olfert
    Canada • INTJ
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    Bio: Canadian CFP. 26 years old with 7 years in the business. Looking to grow my dream business.
  • John Neyland
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    Bio: Seek to enable people to have a life they otherwise would not have had
  • John Neyland
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    Bio: Owner and Financial Advisor for JCN Financial and Tax Advisory Group, LLC. The Big Brain is all about F.U.N.
  • Mark Ledson
    Baton Rouge, LA • ISFJ
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    Bio: I am a Financial Advisor at JCN Financial and Tax Advisory Group, LLC. I am interested in sports and love spending time with my son.
  • Katherine Fibiger
    Fairfield, CT • ISTP
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    Bio: I'm a busy mom of 3 young kids who loves to play tennis, ski, cook great meals, see live music, and run a thriving financial planning business.
  • Brian Kennedy
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    Bio: Financial Planner, Real Estate Investor, President , CEO , Marketer, Problem Solver
  • Beau Henderson
    Gainesville, GA
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    Bio: Dad, Author, Financial Advisor.
  • Lyen Martinez
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    Bio: I am the President of JCN Financial and Tax Advisory Group, LLC. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and love to spend every moment I can with them.
  • Olivia Neyland
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    Bio: I am the Director of Marketing at JCN Financial but studying to become a financial advisor. I am interested in travel in travel and photography.
  • Austin Taro
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    Bio: Hello! My name is Austin Taro and I love to travel, collect comics, and other nerd stuff. I am knowledgeable in social media and ready to learn more!
  • Don Crider
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    Bio: Inspire peace and confidence for a life well-lived...
  • Thomas Dircks
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    Bio: Next
  • Miguel Delgado
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    Bio: I'm an advisor looking to learn how to challenge the status quo.
  • Robert Kania
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    Bio: Employee benefits advisor in Toronto, Canada, working to build an online presence.
  • Jacqueline Ozdemir
    Mississauga, ON • ESFJ
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    Bio: I help Canadian families and individuals make smart decisions with their money. I love spending time with my family and friends when I'm not working.
  • Wallace Nichols
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    Bio: Advisors focusing on optimal market returns and strategic, tax-optimized retirement income planning.
  • Jim Stahl
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    Bio: Financial Planner who is passionate about taking care of our wonderful client base. I'm interested in continuing to build on that core group.
  • Jonathan Pasqua
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    Bio: Advisor here at Pasqua CPA, living in Brooklyn NY Enjoy traveling, skiing in the winters and golf in the summers
  • Thomas Pasqua
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    Bio: CPA turned Financial Planner turned Investment Advisor in NYS. Enjoy golf in the warm weather, and Florida in the cold.
  • Stewart Darrell
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    Bio: Building and improving my business.
  • Craig Liguori
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    Bio: Advanced Planning with First Command
  • Madi Gergen
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    Bio: Giving Accredited Investors Proven Real Estate Investments that Safeguard Portfolios and 2x Capital using a Proprietary Impact Investing Strategy
  • Omar Morillo
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    Bio: A bunch of cool stuff
  • Robin Forbes
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  • Patrick Gergen
    Dallas, TX and Calgary, AB
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    Bio: I provide superior alternative investment access through our Real Estate Fund. I love to travel with my beautiful wife and our 7 amazing children.
  • Nick Gilewitch
    Oceanside, CA • ISTJ
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    Bio: Veteran and District Advisor for a financial services firm focused on coaching those who serve in their pursuit of financial security.
Mark Ford

Jacksonville, FL • INTJ

Founder @Castor Abbott, I help financial advisors and firms scale revenue and profit.

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