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Karen Colbert
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Bio: Tribal College Department Chair Data Scientist, Doctoral Candidate Keynote Speaker Graduating 2024
Mario Moreno
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Bio: Ph.D. Student graduating in 2024
Edith Anyamene
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Shanty Coomaraswamy
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Bio: Currently working as an administrator in an educational institution.
Lara Corona
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Bio: PhD in Museum Studies, Expertise in the accessibility of museum collections through various tools, such as digitization.
Katerine Rutte
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Ruben Deng
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Bio: A graduate student ( MSc Development and Rural Innovation) venturing into research ( Social Science)
Anna Kowalska
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Nnamdi Obiakonwa
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Adedeji Adebare
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Bio: PhD Computer Science( In-View) M. Ed Computer Science B.Sc(Ed) Computer Sciencw
Hieu Nguyen
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Bio: .
Choltita Mukdahan
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Bio: I want to become a linguistics researcher and is pursuing a PhD in my field in Australia and I need to publish an article in my field.
Somaye Dehban
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Bio: Somaye Dehban
Devika Das
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Bio: Devika Das
Renata Labanca Labanca
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Bio: Is a professor at UFMG. She holds a master’s and doctorate in Food Science and a postdoctoral in Food Sciences from Chalmers in Sweden.
Meryem Ibnmrhar
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Jerri Malone
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Bio: PhD. Psychology ABD.
Nur Kandas
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Sathish Kumar
Aveiro, PRT
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Bio: Researcher:UA
Asaed Asaed
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Bio: I grew up in Libya. My main job is focusing on aerospace engineering. My MSc was in aerospace engineering for almost 18 years and PhD is still on
David Ajayi
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Bio: Interested in publishing research paper in the area of application of AI to electric power system
Yassir Sakiu
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Bio: Dr.
Edison Nihiwacu
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Bio: Nihiwacu holds an MSc in Research Methods with International Development from the University of Manchester and has expertise in leading MEAL programs.
Muftah Hamed
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Bio: My name's Muftah Hamed and I'm an assistant professor of applied linguistics. My research interests include errors analysis and language acquisition
H Ryu
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Mahnoor Khattak
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Richard Sesay
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Adeboye Dada
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Bio: Research
Diane Kalendra
Adelaide, South Australia • INFJ
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Bio: An A/Prof working for a private business school in South Australia, my research interests are highly applied in solving real-world business problems.
Marlon Patiño
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Bio: S.XX Electronic Engineer, PhD Student. expert on RF and Mobile communications. 24 years teaching engineering
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