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Naty Tancio
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Bio: I'm from the Philippines. 60 years old female and retired from work. I'm a Christian.
Laura Derocher
East Central Wisconsin, USA • ENFP
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Bio: On a path to self-realization. Studying ACIM lessons daily. Grateful for this high-vibe, like-hearted community. Namastē! 🙏🏻💞🌀🌞🕉️
Bryan Hebert
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Bio: I live in Eureka Springs, AR. A student of ACIM since the early 90’s and a teacher of the Course for the last 3 years. Clean and sober 11.5 years.
Living The Course
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Bio: A Global Spiritual Community Dedicated To Living A COURSE IN MIRACLES.
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Lorraine Preda
Found a Unity Church that I attended for several years. And studied ACIM since then. Moved to Arkansas the past year and miss a Spiritual group

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Joined Aug 5, 2023
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