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I guess my dog thinks we have a new roommate as brians voice is always there 😂 How about you?



Today i fixed 7 apointments for 1:1 breathwork journeys! Sooooooo happy! 🤩



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    Thank you all! its so wonderful to be a part of the revolution 😍

It's not the same as a 9D Breathwork Journey, but going through 9D tracks on Spotify I've found some that I will be including in my TBJ's



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Revolutionaries! Mark your calendars for this Saturday, September 2nd at 8pm Bali time because we're about to drop our next 9D masterclass, and a 9D breathwork journey our team has been working around the clock on: The 9D Journey Experience for Transcending Fear 🔥🚀 A wise man once said, fear is like a prison, it's the dark room where negative thoughts go to manifest. It doesn't matter who you are, fear is the common denominator that keeps all of us locked into where we are and away from where we really want to be. In short, fear is a fu**ing paralyzer of dreams and until we get a handle on it, it will continue to seep into our minds, hijack our thoughts and sabotage our futures. This is what inspired the creation of this journey. I wanted to develop a tool that could help our community (and the world) to transcend these old patterns. The bi-product of this internal shift is iron clad courage, which allows us to be bold, to take inspired action, to dare to dream SO MUCH BIGGER and to stop settling with anything less than that which sets our hearts on fire to live life on our terms! This is what I want for the world ❤️ Drop "9D" in the comments and be the first to experience the 9D Journey for Transcending Fear and learn about how you can be a part of the revolution helping us to bring 9D into the hearts and minds of 24.5 million Souls by end of April, 2024 ✊ Let's get it x Brian & Team 9D



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i am working in health management and want to improve my skills.

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