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START HERE: Welcome to The Breathwork Revolution!
Welcome to the breathwork revolution my friend! The tools, the technology and the tribe in this community have the power to change your world. And when you change Your world, everyone around you benefits. We’re here to transform, to grow, and to create a better life for ourselves and for others, so in that spirit there’s two simple things I want you to do: 1. Drop a post and introduce yourself. Where are you from? What are your passions? And most importantly - what kind of life do you want to create? 2. Like, comment and support at least 3 other people in this community. We’re doing this together, which means showing up together.  Stay tuned and watch this space! Good things are coming. Life is a mental game guys! Once you are leveled up on the mental side you can kiss goodbye the cycles of self sabotage and limiting beliefs. This is where you get to become the designer of your own life. Master of your destiny. Get ready.
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Perfect addition to our family. We will be our best, true self through breathwork. Whatever happens!! Welcome Stephen and enjoy the ride 💚
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Welcome @Theresa Brown! So glad to hear that I am not the only one experimenting with different modalities of sound creation and breathwork. I participated yesterdays 9D journey too, and I must say YESS to this remastered version (cause the original did not hit me...) Anyway I must say this was mostly because of Brians brilliant inspiring words leading me on, not so much the music and sound effects. Yes the sound medicine really got me into Theta Waves, but that is no rocket science in my eyes! So keep on doing the creative own stuff... this is why we are here for.
Do we need to talk so much in 1:1 sessions
Yesterday, after nearly a year I got over all my 100 fears and did my first breathwork session for a friend. I lead her through the stress and anxiety session and she loved it. Her only feedback was that she did not need hear me after a point and had zoned into her own world and was focusing internally. So wanted to ask and check if we need to do so much talking in 1:1 sessions as it may be intrusive to the internal process that is on anyway.
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Really, it depends on the person! Firstly, how attached he/her is to words. Then it definitely depends on how deep this person has breathed him or herself into a state of hypnosis... But either way, the person gets what you are saying subconsciously, so keep on talking the good stuff for the clients! It is one important part that supports the healing process.
Loosing my pace
Hey guys! I’m currently feeling that my pace with breathwork daily commitment is going down! So, I had an idea 💡, can you guys remind me why we do it? Comment below 01 reason why you do it or tell me some experience you had with Breathwork. Appreciate the support! 🙏🏽🦋
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Dear Hugo, what is the problem? Changing the pace is completely natural. There are intensive times and other times, when BW is less present. Actually, if the intention is there, and you have done it since half a year, it should have developed to a sincere routine. In that case you need follow your own rythm of life and heart! You will certainly feel something missing, if you haven't done it for a couple of days. I see it all around me: people putting themselves under such a pressure with all kinds of training, (that is HAS to be regularly, at a certain time etc) that they suddenly stop doing it after a while, because it is too much for them!! Just remember how good BW makes you feel and what you get out of it, and relax about the pace. The 3dimensional life is fast enough... 💚
Breathwork Styles within Breath Masters
TBJ...Hybrid...Regenerative... If you are like me, you might find yourself ranking and comparing these experiences to one another. Have you asked yourself, which one is best? Have you ever thought " but it is ONLY a regenerative journey"? I have. I began to challenge this dualistic way of thinking as I began hearing of radical transformation taking place with coaches that focus mostly on regenerative journeys. As I had to cope with an aging demographic coming to me with numerous contraindications ( not to mention the contraindications I deal with) I began writing hybrid journeys that only have 14-18 minutes of conscious connected breathing and I am seeing people having such incredible breakthrough experiences, including deep emotions and psychedelic-type visions. I think that the breath is powerful, I think our intentions our powerful, I think inspired words are powerful. We have all three. A transformed life is the end goal, not how loud we scream, how much tetany, or whether we are having an outwardly quiet experience. From my observation, breathwork coaches all over are delivering journeys that are helping people radically transform their lives, who cares how we get there? I love that all of our lights and expressions of that light are different. Some are like 100 candles, some are big search lights, some are oil lamps. At the end of the day, people just need the light. Let's welcome all the variety.
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Dear Joyce, what you wrote i feel is most fundamentally true. I myself have decided to offer a tension relasing "Somatic breathwork" as well, because I think it is as much powerful as the TBJ I learned at Breath Masters. It is a different kind of experience, which uses the intelligence of the body, but it releases AS MUCH trauma and tension as the deep Thetawaves states we go in with the TBJ. I had deeply emotional releases on a somatic unconscious level whithout even UNDERSTANDING what it was all about!! Also I think the insight that a different modality is needed for different people and state of minds is most important to consider when hepling clients personally. Thank you for your sharing of thoughts!
Which is Better to Have?
Which is better to have for BM? The Facebook page or Skool? We are doing a lot between social media, apps, the regular course page, etc... it is affecting my mental health. I don't want to miss new news and stuff but I need to make some cuts or pick one to not constantly have to check. I like Skool because we have resources here and it's pretty laid back but notice that most of the community use the Facebook page over Skool...
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Definately Skool!!! I was very reluctant to revive my Facebook account for this Breath family reason. Personally I do not use Facebook at all since years. The time of META is over. It is so yesterday. I think we are better connected here. I feel you, Dani, because I also have big difficulties using, keeping up with all this different social media channels!
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