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Rachel Eastwood
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Bio: Yoga Health Coach. ♡ Connecting, Exploring, Rewilding.
Lesley MacLean
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Gaylene Yelenik
Grande Prairie AB
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Bio: I am a wife and a dog Mom.
Shannon DeSouza
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Bio: Software CEO
Nikita France
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Bio: Software entrepreneur, seasoned traveler, avid reader 📚
Vicki MacHale
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Bio: Lifelong student and Human Design Specialist, focusing on the Dream Realm.
Christina Haskey-Pledger
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Bio: Hi my name is Christina. I am new to Grande Prairie & Alberta. My husband, myself and our dog moved here in September from Manitoba. Blessings 🙏
Russell Mcintosh
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Jenny Dodwell
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Bio: Hi 👋
Kim MacGregor
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Bio: Hi my name is Kim and I’m looking forward to learning more about Ayurveda
Nadia Rentner
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Bio: Hello!
Leann Wolff
Alberta Canada
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Bio: I help entrepreneurs created an aligned business model so they can manage energy vs. time.
Krysti Tissington
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Bio: On a journey to health
Tiffany Scott
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Janet Kendrick
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Bio: Prosperous Woman coach, Janet recognizes every individual birthright to experience happier, healthier, lives free to express their authentic selves.
Kelly Thompson
Prior Lake, Minnesota
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Bio: Horses and traveling have always made my heart sing. I enjoy helping others discover their wellness edges and designing a roadmap for them to follow.
Jenna Jans
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Janice Chomik
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Bio: I have lived in Grande Prairie for 40 years. In 2022 I did a program called Wildfit and learned alot about my relationship with food, excited for this
Cindy Nychka
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Bio: You’ll find me creating using multi mediums to accessorize yourself, home and garden. Or you may find me gardening, being outdoors and motor biking.
Lara Garland
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Tina Dodwell
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Bio: Just me, being me
Michelle Jasper
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Raelyn Peterson
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Bio: Raelyn
Linda Fersch
Grande Prairie, AB
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Bio: I am a middle aged, serial entrepreneur, happily re-married mom to 3 sons, bonus mom to 3 more amazing children, grandma to 5 with 1 more on the way!
Shonah Finlay
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Suzanne Rushton
vancouver, canada • ENFP
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Bio: Hi! After a decade in tourism and corporate photography, I now help entrepreneurs with SEO and other tech to uplevel their presence and profile!
Lindsay Donaghy
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Bio: Looking forward to learn
Char Kaytor
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Bio: Hello, I am Char.
Brenda Pelland-Mcintosh
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Bio: I am an RN, Option-ologist, End of Life Doula,Life & HEALth Care Consultant, & Podcaster of Thoughts from the Tractor! How do we live a Quality LIFE?!
Ginette Paradis
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Bio: Passionate about gratitude, joy & collaboration.
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Leslie Lovlin
I am a Clinical Ayurveda Specialist and Ayurveda Body Therapist as well as share my knowledge. I love to golf, pick herbs and make plant medicine

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Joined Nov 14, 2022
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