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Jacklyn Parker-Fann
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Bio: Hey Everyone, I’m Jacklyn. I’m a child of GOD enlightened by HIS HOLY. My husband & I have businesses. We are grateful to be a help to GOD’S people!
Marlon Mitchell
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Bio: My name is Marlon Mitchell I'm from Brooklyn NY and I'm a professional chauffeur and Real Estate Investor as well as acquiring businesses.
Jayne King
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Bio: Jayne king
Tian Riley
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Bio: I speak in love, high frequencies and positive vibrations. I have a passion for elevating my folks, learning and exchanging with dope energy period.
Joseph Reeves
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Bio: Joseph Reeves
Jc Sagula
• Active 9d ago
Bio: My name is Joshua-Cornelius Sagula. I work with child protection. I live in Sweden where I am blessed to take care of my two daughters fulltime.
Nico James
Barcelona, Spain • ENTJ
• Active 31d ago
Bio: I help Entrepreneurs 101X their Focus and share Leadership insights for a better life. Barcelona based.
Mo Said
Dubai UAE
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Bio: Founder of Elevate360. A Life Mastery Mentor as well as an Angelic Channelor with 15+ yrs of experience providing personal/ spiritual consultations.
Temeka Berry
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Bio: Meka AKA Boss Kitty looking to build business connections to help one and another scale ,have fun doing. Legacy starts here. Credit game here we come!
Canaa Jones
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Bio: Kosmic Creations - Handmade Legacy Building
Maurice Davidson
• Active 4d ago
Bio: Feeling Blessed to be apart of the Community. Husband, Father, and Businessman.
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LaVerne Preston-Floyd
I am here to change my life

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