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Brayden Fielding
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Bio: Tree Traction CEO
Jana Bergeron
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Bio: Agency owner
Walter Bergeron
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Bio: Ragin' Cajun
Lee Hayman
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Bio: Founder of
Daniel Motes
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Bio: SEO Marketing Agency Owner
Lou Nicolaides
Alhambra, CA
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Bio: Helping specialty food brands grow on Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, & Shopify
Anthony Tanner
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Bio: We help businesses with stagnant or declining growth to ignite their sales and profits using growth-focused strategy, marketing, and technology.
Lydia Diaz
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Bio: NLM
Rachel Gogos
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Bio: I am the founder and CEO of brandiD–an agency that helps you build your brand and business on the web by aligning your profession with your SOULiD.
Mike Welch
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Bio: Founder
Vlad Pavich
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Bio: Founder, Managing Partner at Omnycode
Kajana Movery
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Bio: I show business owners getting what they truly want is easier than they think
Andre da Luz
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Bio: Co-Founder of Talus
Paul Wood
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Bio: iP Edge Founder & CTO
Susie Janski
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Bio: Susie lives on a ranch in WY where she enjoys boating, ATV’s, hunting, running, and all things outdoors.
Bruce Brady
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Bio: Franchise Consultant
Parker Harrington
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Bio: Ecomm and time outdoors are my things
Shelby Kramer
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Bio: Account analyst/strategist for 50-Pound Boson, an ecommerce agency that helps small to medium-sized brand owners grow their online presence.
Brandon Celotto
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Bio: N
Rachel Thompson
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Amy Reisner
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Bio: Account Manager for 50 Pound Boson
Farhad Rizvi
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Bio: Hirebus - Growth Marketing
Elizabeth Santarita
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Bio: I am a Digital Content Strategist and Project Manager and one of the partners at Silentblast, a web design and SEO marketing company.
Tim McDougall
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Bio: Runs an ecommerce agency. Used to do company turnarounds from the marketing seat. Will talk endlessly about basketball or indie music or marketing.
Jeremy Haug
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Bio: Founder & CEO of Revenx a digital marketing agency with a primary focus on generating appointments for insurance agents and financial advisors.
Michael Won
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Bio: Hi
Matt Dandurand
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Bio: Media Contour | The Conversion Leaders (International Top 10 CRO Agency on
Daniel Ehrlich
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Bio: Daniel Ehrlich
Aaron Beatty
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Bio: CEO of Engage Evolution
Don Ng
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Bio: .
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