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David Finnegan
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Bio: Founder of Jumble, helping teams make better products. If you love getting nerdy about product join Product Synthesis today (for free!)
Bryan Franklin
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Bio: Co-founder of Lifetime Trusted Advisor, and prolific executive coach. I'm dedicated to your self-actualization and giving your highest gifts.
Devin Craig
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Bio: I help companies and the people in them thrive. And love doing that through, speaking, training, coaching, consulting and facilitating.
Ksenia Sandryukhina
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Bio: LAB Profile® Practitioner and P&O Enabler at Siemens. Help to build self-organized teams and enable transformation. Poet, art and tango lover!
String Nikolic
Byron Bay, Australia
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Bio: Okay surfer, bad guitar player. If you DM me with pitches I will block you 😘
Blake La Grange
La Jolla, CA | New York, NY • ENTJ
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Jesse Clark
Kelowna, BC, Canada • INTJ
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Bio: Growth @ Need help with your community? Ask me anything!
Nick Hauser
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Bio: //
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Los Angeles, CA • ENTJ
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Bio: Community Lead @ Skool :)
Brent C
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Bio: Real estate investor (multi-8-figure real estate portfolio). Community builder (55k member dental community).
Jonathan Courtney
Berlin • ENFP
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Bio: I'm the CEO of AJ&Smart, a company that helps other companies with their product strategy
Andrew Kirby
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Bio: Skool Games Host 📢 YouTuber 650k subs 🏴 Financially Free Age 24
Nick Guadagnoli
Los Angeles
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Bio: Chief of Staff at Skool
Sam Ovens
Los Angeles, CA • INTJ
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Bio: CEO @ Skool.
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Laura Faint
AJ&Smart | Workshopper: We teach people how to become high-paid workshop facilitators

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