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Aadam Bhikha
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Bio: .
Ali Samar
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Bio: Need to improve
Kai Ahmed
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Bio: Grinding
Sreenand Makanur
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Bio: rising alpha
Aru Mai
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Apoorv Khanuja
Salt Lake City
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Bio: Committed to becoming the best version of myself
Evan Momcilovic
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Bio: Former college athlete. 5 years in the fitness industry now working in tech sales. Building a community of like-minded men.
Aditya Gandi
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Bio: Hi there, Aditya here. I'm working as a software professional in Hyderabad. Currently looking to improve myself on personal fitness perspective.
Milind Lather
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Bio: idk tbh
Vedabit Nag
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Jordan Pereira
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Bio: This is me.
Azim Shah
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Bio: Azim
Arya Adesh
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Bio: Build muscle, build confidence
Haery Bhatia
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Bio: Hey
Mikey Shastri
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Bio: M20, 5'7, 68kgs, Mesomorph.
Mohit Gupta
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Bio: 25 year old doctor, lost at life under the weight of studies and not able to focus on fitness. I enjoy swimming and squash.
Govind Maheshwari
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Bio: 1% everyday
Ali S
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Bio: Hello ji
Summit X
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Kavin Mani
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Bio: Just another guy
Samarth Ravi
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Bio: Hurt enough want to just prove myself for once in my life
Sahil Singh
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Bio: Nothing much another software engineer. I have always been skinny but recently started growing pot belly and am concerned now
Shriram Ramasamy
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Bio: 18 Year Old Roofing Salesman, and Realtor in Albuquerque,NM
Abdul Azam
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Bio: I'm a 19 year old male who has no idea what to do in life. I'm trying to find my way, one such way is by joining this community.
Akhil V
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Bio: Indian, Keralite,
Manny S
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Bio: Just an average gym bro, I'm into sports football and swimming to be very specific.
Prasanth Sundararajan
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Bio: Just your Average Indian.
Lohith L
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Bio: Whatever it takes.
Raunak Shah
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Bio: .
Adi Kri
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Bio: 5'8 Indian guy looking to lose weight. Based in California. Sometimes I wonder why I'm bad at talking to people. I'm also very camera shy.
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