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Leads only coming from out of service area?
Hey guys, so recently a lot of my leads have been coming from outside my radius targeting (30 miles radius). Facebook removed the option to target people "living in" a location, so what should I do? Every time a lead from outside the service area comes in, the pixel gets better at bringing in leads from outside the service area. How do you guys deal with it?
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How do you know if a campaign is working or not?
I just started running ads for a client at $50 a day, but he's only gotten 1 lead in the past 4 days. It's kinda slow where he's at (NC), but when is it the right time to start tweaking and making changes to a campaign? Or a better way to put it is, how much ad spend does it take to know if an ad is working or not? And if it's not working, what steps do you take to tweak and change the ads?
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@Eli Singal It's about $27 CPM and $2.50 CPC. I'm gonna switch to FB forms for now to get some leads coming in. My landing page is basically the same as Michael's questionnaire one. Also quick question, do you usually get leads coming in daily or are there stretches of days where you don't get any? Thanks
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@Eli Singal Got it, thanks for the help bro 🤝🤝
Setting up FB Ads
Should I use my clients Facebook Pixel or should I make my own for them? They already have one, but I'm not sure if it'll affect the results. Do you guys typically just make new ones?
I want to learn google ads
Do you recommend any course or youtube channels to learn google ads for Local businesses ?
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Clicks Geek
Struggling with service delivery
Hey guys, For some context, I tried to run google ads (twice) for roofing, and I couldn't get them to work. So I was able to convince my client to switch over to FB ads and give me a shot. I got highlevel yesterday and used Michael's snapshot to run ads. Long story short, I got 30 website clicks and 0 conversions. I think all my metrics look fine up until the conversions. Can someone take a look at my metrics and landing page and help me find out if theres just something blatantly wrong with it? I feel like out of 30 people, at least one person should have put their number in right? I'm really confused on how no one has converted. Btw the landing page is mobile optimized the everything in the SS is showing above the fold. Also a quick FB ads question: The ad I ran got 1000 impressions in one day, then it slowed down like crazy. Do I have to create new ads everyday or something like that? Because with google ads you can just create an ad and let it run for months. Like idk if theres something wrong with how I'm targeting. I used Michaels free roofing snapshot video for setting everything up. Am I not getting any conversions because I'm not targeting any audiences or something like that? I just put a 50 mile radius in Nashville as my targeting. Also, kinda asking for a huge favor, but would anyone be free to hop in a 5 min screen share call to check my campaign out? I promise I won't take up more than 5-7 mins. I'm new to FB ads and don't know much about setting up a campaign. Thanks!
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@Joshua Cortez ahh okay. Yea I kinda figured because it got like 3k views over the past year. I made some changes and things seem to be clearing up
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@Al A I got a few but I've only gotten them 2 confirmed roofing jobs this month. I think it's just gotta do with the time of the year
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