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Greg Todd
Indian Rocks Beach
• Active 24d ago
Bio: Creator of the Smart Success Healthcare Community. Co-Owner of Smart Virtual Staff & Renewal Rehabilitation. Daddy to 4 kiddos. Husband to Mrs. Todd
Yasmeen Battle
• Active 304d ago
Bio: Hello I am currently an online tutor. I love to watch sports.
Latoya Hibbert
• Active 122d ago
Bio: .
Tiana Glanton
• Active 404d ago
Bio: *Wife & Mommy x2 *North Carolina Central University Alumna *Kinesiology with a Concentration in Sports Med
Briana Drapp
• Active 56m ago
Bio: PTA and 2nd year SPT at Pitt. Owner of PTA Elevation. I go to bed too early. Love eating lots of food, picking up heavy things and cats 😃
Casey Coleman - Host
Wherever you need me to be
• Active 8h ago
Bio: I'm a problem solver. What problem can I help you solve?
Bryce Volpa
• Active 482d ago
Bio: Looking to become a PT!
Paul Ochieng
• Active 85d ago
Bio: I am an SEO Visionary. We focus on putting your business on page 1 of Google searches. @offtheclockseo on everything and Google: "off the clock seo"
Julia Nguyen
• Active 383d ago
Bio: I like working out, anime, marvel movies, games, traveling, and having deep conversations. I’m also a foodie.
Uy Vu
• Active 33d ago
Bio: Pre-PT student
Nicole Mondragon
New Jersey
• Active 13h ago
Bio: Hola! I'm Nicole, your non-traditional pre-pt gal. I'm a yoga teacher, CrossFit trainer and FRC movement specialist. I'm excited to connect with yall!
Jose Gonzalez
• Active 279d ago
Bio: I am a PT Aide and my hobbies are playing video games, movies, anime and lifting weights.
Briana George
• Active 128d ago
Bio: Ready to connect!
Chad Wisniewski
• Active 5d ago
Bio: Hi everyone, I'm a huge Bengals fan from Ohio. I enjoy working out, sports, food, travel and outdoors etc.. I'm a Senior in Exercise science Pre-PT
Taylor Faker
• Active 466d ago
Bio: 🌼
Kenny Nguyen
• Active 303d ago
Bio: I currently go to school at San Francisco State University and work part-time as Security My interests consist of working on my car and driving
Aj Morisma
Orlando, FL
• Active 2d ago
Bio: Looking to take relentless action while networking with like minded individuals
Nigeria Holmes
• Active 391d ago
Bio: Hi there! I’m a physical therapy technician. I love fitness, reading, spoiling my dog & spending quality time with friends and family.
Davonne Pinkston
• Active 2d ago
Bio: Kennesaw State University Student 🦉 Majoring in Exercise Science. 🦾 Focused on creating a profitable online business while getting into PT school
Kimberly Coimin
• Active 36d ago
Bio: Student applying to DPT program! Really Outgoing! Enjoys taking picture on my polaroid camera
Matthew Fiesta
Waipahu, Hawaii
• Active 57d ago
Bio: Whitworth University Alum 🎓 Collegiate Student-Athlete 🏈
David Hargrave
• Active 266d ago
Bio: Help others
Mohamed Diarra
• Active 312d ago
Bio: I’ve always been involved with sports and movement. Swimming to be more specific
Amayah Joseph
• Active 480d ago
Bio: I am interested in working out and learning new things.
Emmanuel Enriquez
• Active 307d ago
Bio: .
Armita Zarbashi
• Active 268d ago
Bio: Recent graduate. Just wanting to learn more about PT school.
Charlize Jasmine Pascual-Tabuyo
Honolulu, HI
• Active 99d ago
Bio: I am a 3rd Year Kinesiology student-athlete on the Varsity judo team at San Jose State University. Eager to go into PT!
Kristen Stege
• Active 72d ago
Bio: Hi! My name is Kristen! I am a senior at University of Tennessee. I am a miler on the swim team! I’m excited to learn more about the DPT process!
Brenton Stewart
• Active 107d ago
Bio: Born: Chicago,IL Live in: Las Vegas Retired U.S Navy Classes left before applying to PT SCHOOL Bio 190 lecture (retake) Chem 121, 122 Physics 151, 152
Edwin Hernandez
• Active 248d ago
Bio: I am an Exercise and Health Science major student at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. I am interested in becoming my own business owner.
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Kim Zalewski

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New Jersey
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