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Hello fellow health friends.
My name is Kevin Beaufrand, I am a Caribbean french living in South Carolina USA. I wear a few different health “hats”; I am a personal trainer, nutritionist, mindset coach, and I am obsessed with becoming the best version of myself daily. I love training, martial arts, and overall exercise. I am also a recovered alcoholic, and helping as many people as possible find recovery through optimal health is my mission and calling. Breath work is one area where my knowledge is lacking, so I am excited to learn about this as I know it is incredibly important!
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@Naike Vorbe how cool! Which island? I am from Martinique
3 likes • Nov '23
@Naike Vorbe thats great, I am actually from South Florida too, and I spent a lot of time in Miami. There are many Haitians people there! I am not sure how big the breath work community is here in SC but Ill find out!
Introducing myself 😉
Hey new family, my name’s Tracey and I’m from London, UK. I’m married to a gorgeous Scotsman and have two beautiful fur baby Cockapoos. I’ve been working in film and Tv for the last 30 years but in 2018 landed myself in hospital for two months and came out with a life shattering diagnosis of aggressive MS. What an amazing and life changing experience it has been ever since! I discovered Dr Joe Dispenza very early on and through Breathwork and meditation, had an incredible healing experience at one of his events in 2019 🥳 Since then, I have become a certified Qi Gong practitioner and on a mission to help heal as many people as possible 🥰 I’ve tried a lot of Breathwork groups but when I tried Breath Masters, it completely blew my mind and I just knew I had to join this incredible tribe! So excited to be able to share this with my clients! 🙏
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What an incredible story Tracey, thank you for sharing!
Introducing myself
Must say this is wildly out of my comfort zone - not the breathing ;) - but the sharing. I normally dont share anything on social media or online, not so good when wanting to share your light. Breathing slowly as I'm feeling excitement shadowed by fear and imposter syndrome. Heyoo✌ So, introducing me. Camilla is my name and I am from the beutiful place called Norway. I'm excited and grateful to start my certification program tomorrow. Sigh... of relief. Thank you for reading. "You are me, I am you - we are made for eachother"
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Good I am glad you are here, discomfort means growth!
HI Everyone. My name is Antoinette and I am from South Africa. I am new to breathwork but so far loving some of the exercises I have been trying out. My favourite one probably being the 10/20/30 technique. I am in the process of working through the 5 day challenge and have just completed day 4 but have a question. In the content section of day 4 when Brian describes the practice for the day, he says that we hold on the in breath as well as on the out breath but when he did the actual practice, he only instructed us to hold on the in breath. I would really appreciate some clarification on this.
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Welcome Antoinette! I am new to breath work as well, let’s do this!
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We help those in recovery from addiction develop a repeatable strategy for optimal health and embrace a future of genuine success and well-being.

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